Dollxx @ 11/6/2011 19:15 commented on Raise Alarm

Very clever :) I like it

Dollxx @ 11/3/2011 11:18 commented on Journey To Hammerdale

 Really cute :) I especially like the trees

The logo concerns me a bit, it seems hard to read (that may just be me though).

Dollxx @ 11/2/2011 19:43 commented on Leftovers

 It's a shame your not working on this any longer but none the less it looks stunning :)

Your textures are really inspiring, I've only just started practicing and am quickly learning how much time and patience you have to put toward it. I can truthfully say I get moments of dread while doing texture, but looking at your work makes me want to push to practice and improve x)

Dollxx @ 11/2/2011 19:34 commented on GATOCAT

Love the colours :)

The only things I see issues with are the hat (it looks a bit odd) and the colour of the cigerette blends with the background to the point of not being visable (if this is intentional then interesting I guess :) )

Dollxx @ 10/29/2011 20:21 commented on Robonut ( Chinese Vampire )

 Really cute animation :) 

Awesome work

Dollxx @ 10/28/2011 17:49 commented on Koi Fish

 Very unique :) Nice work

Dollxx @ 10/28/2011 14:12 commented on lucky cat

 Really nice, I love the colours :) Meow!