codewarrior @ 1/19/2012 05:23 commented on Leima

Like some of the oponents already said in their Letters:

Through SOPA, the United States is attempting to dominate a shared global resource. Building a nationwide firewall and creating barriers for international website and service operators makes a powerful statement that the United States is not interested in participating in a global information infrastructure. Instead, the United States would be creating the very barriers that restrict the freeflow of information that it has vigorously challenged abroad. (source: )

I read it the time it came out, and i can just agree on that.
Futhermore i agree with this PJ-article here, that it will not really bring any security other then handing the authoryties the tools to punish normal users, small companies, and again exactly those who didn't do a thing.


codewarrior @ 1/8/2012 20:25 commented on How Much Does It Weigh?

simply: lol XD

codewarrior @ 1/7/2012 09:42 commented on Deadly fumes

 love-it ^^

codewarrior @ 1/3/2012 22:03 commented on 西游记

 and once again, just nice.

codewarrior @ 1/3/2012 21:42 commented on practice

 sweet, sweet! nothing else to say :]

codewarrior @ 1/3/2012 21:36 commented on Mini Me

 aweeee.... adoreable & cute  & nicely done :]

codewarrior @ 1/3/2012 21:33 commented on the face of evil


codewarrior @ 1/3/2012 15:28 commented on Tree of the Defunct

simply fav'ed ;]

codewarrior @ 1/3/2012 06:50 commented on Big Bird

 space invaders sofa.. yehaww!:

but the price is a bummer ^.-

codewarrior @ 1/2/2012 08:50 commented on Color_Portrait

 very picasso'esque. I like your unique style to translate images / objects into geometric shapes and tiles.

codewarrior @ 1/1/2012 14:18 commented on Creep this !

Makes me seriously wanting to have that Santa-Bot as char in MC to show them archer-skellies, creepers and Co. who's the king in cubic-land ^.-

Good artwork, and good implementation of the requested "ingredients" :]

And imho the BG works pretty good: a) its further away so the DoF effect fits perfectly, and b) doesn't interfer with the very detailed elements in the foreground.

codewarrior @ 1/1/2012 09:42 commented on Malucca

 the video is a cute idea :]

codewarrior @ 12/20/2011 10:42 commented on Devilish (nudity)

Banding is when pixels line up, or end at the same x/y coordinates of the subgrid. In that case this grid becomes more visible or forming shapes / clusters which make the resolution appear less fine.

There are some tutorials for that on the web, if you specifically search for banding etc. Manupix also already posted you a link =) (this one actually informs about all the important things to know, like AA, Jaggies, Dithertechniques and more)

I like that you went down in colors now, seems the little perfectionist came through ^.^

To quote Super17: i also think your pieces could gain a lot from AA towards your black lines, and as transition inside the images lines / colorfields =)


codewarrior @ 12/20/2011 10:30 commented on Big Bird

As for tileset management i found gamemaker allways a good way to go. Placement is simple, and snapped (if settings made correctly) in a defined size. For further actions / placement u will have to do some coding here too tho. Like i did in my old (unfinished) project IsoBlox. Other then GM just good old RPG Maker popps into my mind. But i guess you knew those already :)


@ Ellian: thx for sharing that link, just awesome.



codewarrior @ 12/17/2011 18:30 commented on not a good day for froglegs in france ...

 you'll get to it, when the time is right. When the brain is occupied with too much stuff concentrating on art can be hard sometimes, eventho its sometimes really helpfull to do art to get some distraction from stress. Wish you good luck, and better times to come ^.^

codewarrior @ 12/17/2011 15:47 commented on not a good day for froglegs in france ...

 Well its never too late to learn ^.- Since you say you enjoy art.. and no there's master without some practice and learning :)

In the PJ Forum you will allways find people willing to help you improve and learn. There's an extra WIP (Work in Progress) Threat. For such things. And under links you find tutorials and more helpfull stuff. Unless you really don't feel like i'd say give it a try :]

codewarrior @ 12/17/2011 12:25 commented on not a good day for froglegs in france ...

 figured that you didnt know these things, therefore i posted the link and explained it a bit.

For this piece? appr. 5 hours, in and out. Until i was happy with the result :]

codewarrior @ 12/17/2011 10:19 commented on not a good day for froglegs in france ...

Thx :] 

for the comment about the lighter colors: this was a weekly challenge with a "fix color-palette" with 16 pre-defined colors. So nothing we could change or add on those. The target was a) to fill that country shape (in this case here: france) and b) make the best we can with those given 16 colors.

If it interests you here are the exact specs for this former challenge:

codewarrior @ 12/17/2011 05:57 commented on Game Characters - Contra

 i find that grey (#AAAAAA) a bit unfitting as highlightcolor for the skintone you were using here. Especially in the faces.

Maybe choose a shifted Sat. instead, or a blue highlight? other then this, nice attempt :]

codewarrior @ 12/17/2011 05:43 commented on Numbols

 that design is a sweet idea.

(but also can't make out where the zero is)

codewarrior @ 12/15/2011 17:42 commented on Underwater Chequers

 great idea, great execution

codewarrior @ 12/15/2011 17:31 commented on Plumbers

 i like your simple style

codewarrior @ 12/15/2011 17:28 commented on psy rabbit

 so far the nicest graindolium'ish piece in your gallery, imho =)

codewarrior @ 12/15/2011 16:59 commented on Big Bird

 @ Hapiel: not only 3... but i smoke too, so guess not long anymore until they fall off as well. Too late now to start counting all of them >.>

@ greenraven: Good! Its so unhygienic to keep them in the pool. And so hard to swim a round when all them dead bodies are crowding the place ^.-



codewarrior @ 12/15/2011 12:45 commented on Kenshi

Jalonso had a good point here: Its common that certain type of arts depend on some people going the more "commercial" way to make it socially acceptable / respectable. We have a saying: "salonfähig machen" here in german, means kinda making it acceptable in "regular" peoples homes and their personal views.

That leaves at least the chance for the geeks to stay in their known and beloved ways, and all sudden see the wonder happening of people who found their art before to be non understandble, weird, or whatsoever.. being allll amaaaazed!  So somehow u can say, allways all sides benefit from it.