wiggles @ 5/14/2012 02:24 commented on Neoriceisbad

heres a list of nations www.abc.net.au/civics/oneworld/nationlist.htm

wiggles @ 5/14/2012 01:49 commented on Neoriceisbad

This is interesting, hmmm,, where to begin, where to find inspiration.

wiggles @ 5/13/2012 21:58 commented on Big Bird

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Same_color_illusion WOW, TRY TO FIGURE THIS ONE OUT

wiggles @ 5/13/2012 21:53 commented on Quantum Dragon - 8-bit Town Mockup

Super NES on the other hand, here is that Pallette...segaretro.org/images/1/11/Master_System_Palette.png

wiggles @ 5/13/2012 21:51 commented on Quantum Dragon - 8-bit Town Mockup

fc01.deviantart.net/fs31/f/2008/221/3/c/the_NES_palette_by_erik_red.png NES Pallette

wiggles @ 5/13/2012 21:44 commented on Quantum Dragon - 8-bit Town Mockup

the NES had a pallete of 53 colors, 24 of which could be displayed at a time.

wiggles @ 4/30/2012 15:40 commented on Lil Devil Fire

@Voltali obscur: Had trouble with the tail whipping upwards as the back feet kick back. tryed to sink it with the feet motion but seemed to have a robot movement effect. Yeah, the how to animate helped alot and feel every one who wants to learn and take a tackle at his how to's; a shot. Definetly will give a better view of how to achieve movement. Taking what I learned and busting some nice animations out and cant wait to finish and post.

wiggles @ 4/28/2012 21:24 commented on YTCracker Game Room

The 3rd one is battle of olympus yeah?

Nvm, derp da derp. similiar but no cigar.

wiggles @ 4/24/2012 23:00 commented on Made to Maid

Is that a broom shes holding, sweeping dust ?


wiggles @ 4/24/2012 14:46 commented on Lil Devil Run

@Hapiel Edited a lil, what do you think

wiggles @ 4/24/2012 14:34 commented on Lil Devil Run

Ahh, i see what you mean


wiggles @ 4/23/2012 15:32 commented on Lil Devil

@ Neela Awesome Thanks for the idea you gave me. As if he's walking through a slush of lava with traces of splashes here and there with each step. :)


wiggles @ 4/21/2012 13:22 commented on Lil Devil

@orange08 The turning of the head was intentional. But not of short timing as it is. I originally wanted the Lil Devil to actually be looking both ways but was limited due to only 10 frames. I tried doing it with the 10 frames and it just didnt look very good and was unreadable.

@Hapiel Thanks! Im really pleased how the turning of the head came out. I can picture this Lil Devil being the leader of about a dozen or so Lil Imps in formation behind him marching on. They wouldnt chant Hi-Ho!! Hi-Ho!! they would say Ha-des!! Ha-des!! Its off to Hell we Flee!!

wiggles @ 4/20/2012 12:19 commented on gong

Wow... Im a deuch..Im am idiot to think people actually run like the way I said, they would have to be riding short buses weaqring helmets


wiggles @ 4/20/2012 11:18 commented on gong

Dont get me wrong. very nice piece. I just had this feel while watching him run that i was trapped in one spot, it felt acward and noticed the arm and feet movement. Is it me or should the left arm while moving forward be the same for the left leg. The left leg/left arm front and right leg/right arm back. Like applying to the law of gravity and force or something


wiggles @ 4/20/2012 04:34 commented on The incredible Blobzilla!

Wow, sweet looking Parallax Tarius.

wiggles @ 4/20/2012 04:08 commented on Drifter

Can I borrow your skills for a few hours, lol :D


wiggles @ 4/9/2012 22:06 commented on Touchscreen T-RPG Mockup

I like this, Ive actually been doing something similar to this for the last 2 weeks. I love it.

wiggles @ 4/3/2012 18:11 commented on Female Orc

Felt that Orcs had very shallow foreheads, and was going for nappy dread lock hair.

wiggles @ 4/2/2012 17:37 commented on Female Orc

No feed back yet on this, not sure what the issue is, this was drawn freely by myself. Come on guys, need to know what issues there are, where I can improve. things like that.

wiggles @ 3/30/2012 22:53 commented on Intricate Tiles

I dont understand where this needs revision when its perfectly isometric.

wiggles @ 3/30/2012 03:07 commented on Female Orc

Let me be the first to comment on this piece. After finishing this, I couldnt but ponder who the heck this resembled. And it hit me... Lily Tomlin from 9-5  or possible Katey Sagal from Married with Children. Hopefully this doesnt kill the piece, but I figured , hell, those 2 woman look pretty Orcish them selves.

wiggles @ 3/25/2012 23:20 commented on Map Grid

Are you talking about with the pistons?


wiggles @ 3/23/2012 11:49 commented on Server Issues

Revised, how is this now?


wiggles @ 3/23/2012 06:52 commented on Server Issues

Just a joke from 3/16 Server Issue post by Sedgemonkey.