Sirocco @ 12/24/2011 08:44 commented on Jesse Custer

>> The cursor zooming...

This can be disabled in the options menu, along with many other points of interest.


>> Does no 8bpp support mean no indexed or indexed-like workflow?...

You can still select a 'palette' if you so desire, but you'll have to manually create it the first time by loading an image and capturing the colors as favorites, or manually creating them. Then you can stick to opaque ink to prevent other colors from being used while drawing. I just finished up a mini-game using nothing but four colors, and used Moai to do all the spriting.

Be aware there are some minor UI bugs introduced into the current version (1.2) and I'm working on a fix, along with several minor improvements, which will probably see a release in a few days. Holidays, and whatnot, you know.

Enjoy the holidays, and best wishes to all!