moogleymog @ 6/28/2015 10:06 commented on Balls
I am still a noob and so the 8 hours spent on it is practice for me. Will go back to the drawing board.

moogleymog @ 6/28/2015 00:39 commented on Balls

I can assure you it is not rendered but I did use a ref and I have added a link in the description.

moogleymog @ 6/19/2015 03:41 commented on Crystal cave

Unusual technique, it works well.

moogleymog @ 6/18/2015 02:53 commented on Cake robot

As Sakhart said, it is very hard to make out what it is. It needs simplifying and defining. 616 colours are far too many, try and reduce your pallette down to about 16. Pixelling is a bit sloppy and needs tidying. 

Pretty good idea, just needs some work. And maybe try a transparent background?

moogleymog @ 6/17/2015 13:58 commented on I'm a GameBoy [Weekly Challenge]

Great job! (Pixellated pixels! lol).

moogleymog @ 6/15/2015 12:24 commented on Zergling Slash

Great challenge, love it!

moogleymog @ 6/13/2015 09:17 commented on Running Wolf Cycle

Love! The animation is so smooth.

moogleymog @ 6/13/2015 09:14 commented on Winter Bird

Gorgeous, I love this!

moogleymog @ 2/12/2012 15:39 commented on electric eel box of doom

 Awesome! :D

moogleymog @ 2/12/2012 03:29 commented on Pomegrenade

 Love it! The concept and the description also.

moogleymog @ 2/6/2012 15:44 commented on Totoro's gardening lesson

 Lovely! Nice work :D

moogleymog @ 2/6/2012 15:31 commented on Owl Victory Roll

 Cheers! :D

moogleymog @ 2/6/2012 07:39 commented on the edge

This is beautiful; I am in awe! The colours and detail are perfect and I cannot see a pixel out of place.

You are sure to win 1st.

moogleymog @ 2/6/2012 07:24 commented on Mountain view

Love the composition and detail, nice work.

moogleymog @ 2/3/2012 02:27 commented on Longscape Challenge

 I really like this, nice work! :D

moogleymog @ 2/1/2012 02:28 commented on Owl Victory Roll

 @Ails   Aha! Thank yous!! 

moogleymog @ 1/27/2012 11:01 commented on Owl Victory Roll

 @ eclep & manupix   Thanks for the feedback, I will see if I have time to work something in

@ kyata  Me too! Although, unfortunately there won't be a game, just in my head. ^^

moogleymog @ 1/27/2012 06:01 commented on Sasquatch victory dance

Love his moves! :D

Tip: His tooth and eye highlights mess up while he is dancing because he was flipped. The animation would look smoother if this was fixed.

moogleymog @ 1/27/2012 05:38 commented on Robot victory dance

Great job! I love his antenna wiggling about, lol (lol).

moogleymog @ 1/27/2012 05:17 commented on Owl Victory Roll

 Thanks for pointing that out, I will get onto it straight away! :)

EDIT: Fixed.

moogleymog @ 1/27/2012 05:07 commented on Friend Of Mine

I prefer the preview pic better. I like the light background, cropping and simplicity. It looks just like him so I'm sure he will be pleased! :)

Maybe you could define the ear a little more.

moogleymog @ 1/16/2012 05:31 commented on Tower in the Night

Nice work, great composition.  Love the shadows on the grass. I would have a go at redoing this with less colours. The lighting on the castle is a little off, with the light coming from the side instead of from behind.

moogleymog @ 1/16/2012 05:20 commented on Brainy-Vase

Love the animation! There is just one thing which bothers me slightly; the part where a wobbly bit meets the jaw should stay the same. For example, the 2nd one along is great as the place where it meets the jaw is constant. All the other three, especially the 3rd one along, are flapping about a little too much.

moogleymog @ 1/8/2012 15:40 commented on How Much Does It Weigh?

Lol! Great stuff, I especially love the delay before the chicke ngoes shooting up into the air! xD

moogleymog @ 1/6/2012 16:36 commented on MoogleyMog Avatar

Have reduced the colours to 16 and reworked the colouring.