Bitslap @ 5/22/2016 06:54 commented on a little accident

How cute. Looks exactly like my frog tale frog :D

Bitslap @ 10/31/2015 10:56 commented on Megabitslapman

Thank you for your comment!

If you have a look around at my stuff you can see that i am often using this style for smaller and bigger future games :D

Bitslap @ 10/21/2015 06:18 commented on Frog Tale Tile Works

Yes. I do love the highlight you added. I must have forgotten all i knew about GBA metroid tilework when i was drawing 

Bitslap @ 10/21/2015 03:35 commented on Frog Tale Tile Works

I thank you for your interest. I cant help liking Duck Tales. I agree that there are many more better looking NES games.

The restriction i use is not intended. Doing great tilework is a lengthy process for me. I have barely scratched the surface of whats possible. I imagine my next step would be to pick 4 palettes and use them within the scenes properly as you suggest. I do appreciate your highlights and will concider them :)

Regarding the NES palette, i havent investigated that much into which one is proper. I will swap for the one you linked and see what the outcome is. 


Bitslap @ 10/20/2015 12:58 commented on Frog Tale Tile Works

There is an uneven quality between the tiles. Some have more care than others. I like the grey area as well.

I know right. I have more colors to add if i want. For some reason i started with 1 global (black) and 2 more. And it went so well i decided to keep it. However, when i analyze games with great tilework like Duck Tales, i see that they are using the "4th" color very rarely. I aim to introduce a 4th color as subtle as i can so i dont break this current style.

Forgot to mention, i have way less color on these tilesets than what was possible on a NES. I use an average of 5-7 colors while the NES could display 13 background colors with 4 background palettes. I have a lot of extra smooch to add. =)

Bitslap @ 9/11/2015 07:22 commented on Redrobo Run

damn ur good. I have to make more 16x16 sprites !

Bitslap @ 7/22/2015 07:31 commented on Small Village

I wish i made this!

Bitslap @ 7/2/2015 03:22 commented on Dark Souls GBC demake

My fucking god this is beatiful and cool. I want to be like you and make art like this.

Bitslap @ 6/29/2015 16:51 commented on Big Bird

Bitslap @ 6/27/2015 06:10 commented on Crabalot Crabsmash!

Thanks all.
I agree with dithering, not sure either.

As for how it fits with Frog Tale, i have my ideas about the graphics. I havent locked myself to any particular limitation right now and follow some kind of idea about low detail player, mid detail levels and high detail enemies and bosses.

Bitslap @ 6/7/2015 23:22 commented on Steven Universe- "Garnet's Quest" CGA

So cool!

Bitslap @ 6/4/2015 09:41 commented on Explora Ship

Wow, dat 3d modeling tool. Really cool!

Bitslap @ 6/3/2015 06:28 commented on Explora Ship

I'd like this Elend :D

Bitslap @ 6/3/2015 04:46 commented on Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - Colosseum (NES Demake)

So amazing

Dat minotaur!

Bitslap @ 6/2/2015 10:08 commented on Big Bird

Congrats Finlal!

Jal, didnt think of that!

I do have a pretty weird workflow at the moment where i draw, animate, program, capture to gif/video and then edit :D
Did i mention i am not a director 

Bitslap @ 6/2/2015 06:49 commented on Explora Ship

I cannot find Mandrills tutorial!

Bitslap @ 6/2/2015 02:27 commented on Big Bird

Very helpful 

Bitslap @ 6/2/2015 01:44 commented on Big Bird

Does anyone have any experience with pixel art / pixel gifs to video type of production? Any tips for a good workflow is appreciated. Would prefer any type of free/non expensive video editing software that imports gifs seamlessly! 

Bitslap @ 6/1/2015 17:20 commented on Lonely Neighbourhood

Much better! 
Upped my rating :D

Bitslap @ 6/1/2015 04:38 commented on Lonely Neighbourhood
Overall its very good but the roof pattern needs more work. The unused space on the roof tiles shows there is much more to be done! 

This would also be much better if the adhoc grass wasnt so similiar in its pattern. Maybe the grass could be more one color with the occasional grass tile.

Bitslap @ 5/31/2015 08:54 commented on Big Bird

Fair enough about the 4x4 :D


Bitslap @ 5/31/2015 08:30 commented on Big Bird

I am not sure if i did something wrong.
My sprite is not showing up in the weekly.

Bitslap @ 5/28/2015 14:20 commented on Big Bird

I think making a post on tigsource devlog forum is great! Apart from twitter it seems like the best place to keep a preview of a game in the making.

Bitslap @ 5/28/2015 03:41 commented on Big Bird

Also i couldnt resist making a 4x4 sprite  

Did i mention i am really happy when i am _not_ doing what i am supposed to? 

Bitslap @ 5/28/2015 03:36 commented on Big Bird

The first gif is the basic block interaction. Destroy blocks vertically and ascend. This is an actual game that i am making before our local game developers meet up. 

Finlal, thanks for that but i see a lot of cool sprites already. The game might give me free sprites tho since i HAVE to draw and animate them.