Nevercreature @ 10/23/2017 00:58 commented on Specs.

Terrific pieces. 

Nevercreature @ 10/13/2017 22:41 commented on The Gather (inspired by Frankie's WeekendRPG)

Yeah!, when I saw it i thought "Another masterpiece from FrankieSmileShow..."


Nevercreature @ 8/24/2017 22:41 commented on Sandstorm

Simple but nice!

Nevercreature @ 8/21/2017 06:42 commented on Shake it!

Thank you! 

Nevercreature @ 6/10/2017 09:00 commented on Beach inside the beach

"Noentiendo" (Qué bueno...)

Nevercreature @ 5/27/2017 07:24 commented on Nobuo Uematsu

Mr Uematsu...

Nevercreature @ 5/16/2017 23:44 commented on Dylan_Hunt

Amazing as always.  The preview is a great idea! 

Nevercreature @ 5/16/2017 23:41 commented on Dark Forest Background

Thanks a lot! I tried to put a scene in the foreground, but it was strange. The scene I did is a campfire and a guy toasting marshmallows.

Nevercreature @ 5/9/2017 06:36 commented on Super Paint

Buena interfaz. 

Nevercreature @ 5/9/2017 03:51 commented on First environment test-thing

Nice! Inspiring. 

Nevercreature @ 5/3/2017 04:13 commented on Cover art of Hero Siege

Wow! It's awesome, I love it.

Nevercreature @ 4/25/2017 02:15 commented on Animations for LD

Great animation! 

Try to add some contrast to palette, It would be even better! 

Nevercreature @ 4/11/2017 03:30 commented on waterfalls battlefield

  That's not fair... Well, I think it's nice use some picture for your own purposes, (even me I've used some masterpieces of PJ as smartphone wallpaper, stickers...) but use them to earn money is another issue... . At least if you want to do it you should inform the owner before doing something like that. 

Nevercreature @ 4/4/2017 05:00 commented on Ozzy Wee

Should it be depicted as an in-game sprite or could it be shown another pose?

Nevercreature @ 4/2/2017 21:35 commented on Mr. Monk and the Room of Tomato Ketchup

Wow! An honorable mention for me!! Thank you!  Congratulations to the winners, specially DawnBringer.

Waiting for the next collab project...

Nevercreature @ 3/29/2017 02:43 commented on KF map

Stendhal Syndrome. 

Nevercreature @ 2/16/2017 23:48 commented on fire ball

Nice effect!

Nevercreature @ 2/9/2017 05:03 commented on Gizmoduck (Pato Aparato)

¡Pato aparato! ¡Qué recuerdos! 

Nevercreature @ 2/7/2017 07:23 commented on Hero Adventure (previously Intellivision RPG experiment)

Wow! Simple but awesome. I like roguelikes a lot, it could be a roguelike game.

Nevercreature @ 1/31/2017 00:50 commented on Me

Hey! It reminds myself! 

Nevercreature @ 1/29/2017 23:42 commented on Scarface

22 colors! Wow! Many possibilities. 

Nevercreature @ 1/26/2017 03:39 commented on land of the giraffe

I have found the hidden kangaroo!!!!!   

VERY difficult... 

Nevercreature @ 1/26/2017 00:39 commented on Classics


Nevercreature @ 1/11/2017 08:44 commented on Enemigos

Muy bueno! 

Nevercreature @ 12/16/2016 05:05 commented on 4 General Game Mockups

Nice! I love it