>AoBaka< @ 7/30/2013 07:25 commented on blue tower of power

 god damn it...i newer count the colors xD,and is pillow shading bad? o.oa and thanks

>AoBaka< @ 7/15/2013 22:34 commented on Wheeler

 well of all the posible colors,why pink? i would  understand using  red for this but okayand i agree with Parker,ive never bin this limited to colors so we will se if it is for the good or for the bad


>AoBaka< @ 12/18/2012 23:24 commented on Knight

 i agree just a bit bigger and detailed,and u could add some backgrounds,just so your knight would be noticable better

>AoBaka< @ 12/17/2012 11:35 commented on Slipknot2

 And i thougth i would have problems with this XD <---- noob

>AoBaka< @ 12/17/2012 00:21 commented on Slipknot2

 well okay than...isometric?---meaning blocky and in shape right?  i still mess up with knowing icometric from non isometric,and basicly we need to draw a pyramid and add some stairs to it and windows? 

>AoBaka< @ 12/16/2012 23:04 commented on Original character Animation

 i agree with AirStyle it would be great if u told us some of the info or steps that u have done to creative this,cause its 1st grade stuff

>AoBaka< @ 12/16/2012 01:34 commented on Demon pac-man

 they saw it coming XD

>AoBaka< @ 12/12/2012 06:57 commented on RAINBOW CUBE!

 Thanks! and it is a cube,it looks like a different shape cause it moves in 2 rotates to the right and rotates forward or backward XD changing the upper side

>AoBaka< @ 2/11/2012 14:22 commented on Steambox3

 the colors and the animation is great! 

>AoBaka< @ 2/11/2012 14:19 commented on Game Character Base

 Really retro could try it whit colors..but its good !

>AoBaka< @ 2/8/2012 09:43 commented on Kablowie

 Where did you learned to do that?  ..tell me plz..