Mr.Fahrenheit @ 4/5/2016 17:10 commented on Tile-based Wizard

Gotta love surt

Mr.Fahrenheit @ 3/28/2016 11:33 commented on Shadow of a Fable

You acheived great depth here with only 3 colors, awesome!

Mr.Fahrenheit @ 3/9/2016 18:49 commented on Volcano Smoke

Damn bro this is some really good animation. The most accurate of the entries I'd say. Got one of my votes

Mr.Fahrenheit @ 2/28/2016 06:13 commented on Big Bird

Damn Pixelation finally changed its skin.

Mr.Fahrenheit @ 2/27/2016 18:41 commented on Big Bird

Happy Belated B-day!

Mr.Fahrenheit @ 2/27/2016 18:40 commented on Easy we follow

Awesome! Love the atmosphere

Mr.Fahrenheit @ 2/27/2016 18:38 commented on Mabel's groove

Looks pretty good, but there is a lot of banding.

Great animations though!

Mr.Fahrenheit @ 2/23/2016 16:07 commented on Ronaldinho

I like the spinning ball a lot.

Mr.Fahrenheit @ 2/22/2016 14:19 commented on Lemmings - black edition

Nice animation!

Mr.Fahrenheit @ 2/9/2016 17:39 commented on Flora Fauna

Looks like a cross of Project Rain World and MRMO. Great as usual!

Mr.Fahrenheit @ 2/4/2016 13:50 commented on Knight

Very readable!

Mr.Fahrenheit @ 1/23/2016 13:43 commented on Earth Defense Vessel Design

This is really awesome, and I love well thought out designs like this. Great stuff!

Mr.Fahrenheit @ 1/15/2016 14:56 commented on Baby Pictsie icon

I get #92a7d0 for the blue and #f6c9c8 forf the pink 

Im on windows 7 on chrome

Mr.Fahrenheit @ 12/13/2015 18:43 commented on Big Bird

@muffin: cool cool, sounds like fun man.

Mr.Fahrenheit @ 12/13/2015 05:39 commented on Big Bird

Congrats muffin, I'm still finishing up my applications, what other schools did you apply to?

Mr.Fahrenheit @ 12/7/2015 14:14 commented on fashion victim(s)


Nice rendering and all, overall nicely done bro

Mr.Fahrenheit @ 11/29/2015 13:18 commented on Big Bird

And ratings are cumulative not avg still I believe, so rating a peice anything boosts it up.

Mr.Fahrenheit @ 11/26/2015 11:22 commented on Big Bird

Happy Black Friday's eve everyone!

Mr.Fahrenheit @ 11/25/2015 11:45 commented on Big Bird

Happy Birthday Jeremy!

Mr.Fahrenheit @ 11/14/2015 12:12 commented on Hellgate to Baator intro screens

Looks great, just not sure I'm a fan of how you used the dark red as a lighter color than the dark grey, as i believe it is actually darker, in some of the scenes, it looks weird on my screen atleast

Mr.Fahrenheit @ 11/13/2015 18:36 commented on Big Bird

My heart goes out to the people of Paris.

Mr.Fahrenheit @ 11/12/2015 14:16 commented on Northern Throne

love the skull, but yeah I'd agree a little incomplete

Mr.Fahrenheit @ 10/31/2015 12:20 commented on Dwarf

Man you've improved a lot since when I first started seeing your stuff around. Nice sprite!

Mr.Fahrenheit @ 10/11/2015 06:05 commented on Trypophile

I like how you used the colors.

Mr.Fahrenheit @ 9/28/2015 14:51 commented on When The Good Meets The Spirit

I have the same feeling on refining philippe, i like the rough stuff a lot more than super refined, it lets your imagination fill in the details. Also, nice peice!