Zadaben @ 2/22/2015 11:39 commented on Jack avatar
It looks like those pixel artists in turn stole the designs from this.
Unless these are characters from something I hadn't heard of before.

Zadaben @ 2/20/2015 10:43 commented on Farmland game art

I really really love this, the colors are amazing, as many have pointed out. My one critique would be the barrels that are just sort of slapped in there, in the full image the two in the grass appear to just be floating there. I would reccomend giving them a shadow or something so they look mroe grounded. Really wonderful work though, I am in awe of those hills.

Zadaben @ 4/21/2014 19:57 commented on Shootmans III

Absolutely amazing
my one critique would be that the characters seem a little stiff and disproportionate, but considering the amount of time you had to put this together I can see where you would end up short on time to design something better. They definitely get the point across.


Zadaben @ 3/9/2014 22:40 commented on At some stage I think I have picked up notepaper from the University of Chicago

the red of the spirit's clothing does not go well with the pink and purple of the ball and energy
one or the other should probably be adjusted in my opinion.

Zadaben @ 3/1/2014 13:04 commented on Pokemon Emerald Revisited

Alright critique first compliments second,

All of your trees are slanted slightly sideways at the top 
the water's corenr looks nice but when you swim in it you'd be partially in the land, which is why they didnt use any gridbreaking shenanigans in the game
yours looks much more realistic which appeals to this site because we're an older audience
but pokemon is a kid's game first and nostalgia for many of us second, which is why everything in the original image is so much more cartoony, that's jsut the style they were using to best appeal to their audience.

I do like the greater contrast that your scene has, it looks much nicer and there is no reason why they couldnt/shouldnt have done it like that, and the reflection of the dirt in the water is nicer, as well as the separation of the grass from the dirt and the less obnoxious tree shadows.


Zadaben @ 2/12/2014 13:53 commented on Island Arena

That's a rather nice scene
but I think putting some more life into it couldnt hurt
i.e. trees swaying and leaves rustling in the wind, ripples in the water, the tide moving in and out, etc.
I also feel that the greens in the trees and background foliage could stand to be a little more saturated and pure, more hueshifted towards blue or purple in the darker areas, compared to everything else they appear to be a tad dull.

Zadaben @ 9/7/2013 17:40 commented on Clockworld

 It's a really charming piece aside from one small thing
the monster on the top of the clock is styled way differently than everything else.

Zadaben @ 7/21/2013 22:06 commented on Ungramax Special Attack Edition

 Your animation is pretty fluid, but your shading needs a lot of work

Zadaben @ 11/7/2012 18:09 commented on Fruiticide sprites

 May I ask why the gelatin musclemen do not follow the same pink-green-blue-white scheme that the rest of the enemies appear to follow?