Dusty-Drake @ 7/11/2012 01:07 commented on Untitled Rougelike Mockup #1

 Perhaps the player could, instead of throwing the rope over the hook, they could do the less obvious thing, and hook the goblin to pull him into the pit.

Dusty-Drake @ 7/5/2012 18:25 commented on Untitled Rougelike Mockup #3

 ...Because the mockups were made at different times, and I just uploaded them all here today.

I was also trying to show what's happening without making a huge gif.

Dusty-Drake @ 5/27/2012 18:32 commented on beer w/ legs

 Yeah, I can't really see a specific light source.

Legs get light from the right, the cap from the left, and the bottle itself from the center.

Dusty-Drake @ 5/27/2012 10:12 commented on Calvin and Hobbes - The Video Game

 So beautiful!

It really does feel like the comic  books.


Also, I posted this elsewhere in a "show off art your found thread"

In case you want to see what others think

Dusty-Drake @ 5/6/2012 20:55 commented on Mighty Pixel

 Teeechnically it's a voxel.

Dusty-Drake @ 5/4/2012 14:15 commented on The Evolution of Grass

 Because everything blocky is minecraft.

Dusty-Drake @ 4/30/2012 15:25 commented on Gyver clone

 Oh man I remember watching this anime at my dad's friends house when I was 10 or 12.

Dusty-Drake @ 4/28/2012 16:49 commented on Desert Monster

 Took me a few seconds to realize this actually was pixelated.


Dusty-Drake @ 4/28/2012 16:47 commented on Ninja game

 Can the ninjas not see each other or is this just two different colorschemes/characters?

Dusty-Drake @ 4/24/2012 17:25 commented on Spring

 Well hello Ozoh.

Saw you post this in the GG2 art thread.

Dusty-Drake @ 4/14/2012 11:54 commented on The Mafia DuDe

 I would but this is supposed to be an avatar.

I promise to upload the tank in another sprite, okay?

Dusty-Drake @ 4/13/2012 21:56 commented on Robot wants to play

 New wallpaper for your phone?

New wallpaper for my desktop.

Dusty-Drake @ 3/29/2012 11:16 commented on Testing a new Palette

Yeah, it has hasn't it?

The game is actually going to be played at a 2x scale, which brightens up the picture a hair.

I'll look into doing that colored outline thing, see if that goes any better.

I don't really know how to go about reducing colors, unless you're refering to the one on the right, which was made before I ever considered a palette a viable option. Now I'm quite happy working in a palette, so long as it has the colors I need.

Dusty-Drake @ 3/27/2012 11:16 commented on Something is wrong!

Wha- Huh? Guh.

My head hurts. But this picture looks so awsome!

Dusty-Drake @ 3/23/2012 07:46 commented on Naruto Arcade

The only reason I can even tell it's an arcade cabinent is because of the joystick and buttons.

It's very flat, you should try adding some shading.

Dusty-Drake @ 3/23/2012 07:31 commented on Wanna play?

This is adorable, in a sick and twisted sort of way.

Even still, it's very good.