JamesOrthII @ 4/11/2021 14:30 commented on Extinct Animals rank icons
Haha, that's fair. I'm about 50/50 -- sometimes I use a good pre-made color palette, sometimes I just make something up as I go. But yeah, most of the palettes on lospec are way more appealing than anything I can make up.
I learned that having a good eye for color doesn't necessarily translate to being able to make up good palettes from scratch. Knowing how to use a computer's color selector thing is like a skill all of its own. @_@

JamesOrthII @ 4/9/2021 12:02 commented on Necropolis

Ah, I thought that color scheme looked familiar. I need to experiment with the ZX colors more.
Anyway, Nice work! You really put these colors to use well. Perfect for this dark and gloomy atmosphere.

JamesOrthII @ 4/9/2021 11:58 commented on Extinct Animals rank icons

This is great. What a wonderful presentation and color choices.

JamesOrthII @ 4/6/2021 11:31 commented on ENA

Nice work! ENA is great.

JamesOrthII @ 4/5/2021 15:05 commented on Necropolis

Beautiful color choices here. Did you create this palette yourself, or was it sampled from an existing palette?
Also, wonderful composition. I really like the mood of this piece.

JamesOrthII @ 9/6/2020 12:35 commented on RIP Friend

Thank you. I tried to be very deliberate with where I used the AA -- keeping hard edges hard, and softer edges soft.

JamesOrthII @ 9/6/2020 12:32 commented on UFO: Feeling Spacey

Yeah! I have to say, that it's really fascinating that those videos were publicly declassified, acknowledged, and then just sorta swept aside with the rest of the crazy events of 2020.

I mean, a branch of the federal USA government released official documented video of unkown aircraft performing maneuvers that are beyond the known capabilities of human aviation technology... and just said "hey these exist, and we don't know what they are. Just a little teaser for ya'll" after decades of publicly reporting that such crafts don't exist. And this was somehow only page-5 newsworthy content.

I mean, there's not much a layperson like myself can really do with such news anyway, other than speculate. But still, I never expected an official governmental nod to UFO existence in my lifetime.

JamesOrthII @ 8/1/2020 11:40 commented on RIP Friend

Thank you. The outline on the spotlight was a last minute decision, but I'm 100% postive it was a good move. It makes the light pop very subtly.

And yeah, looking at this peice makes me pretty emotional. I can't recall the last time I made an artwork that had this kind of significance. Most work I do is just for the fun/joy of it. Nothing wrong with that of course, there's a slight difference between an art piece done for the fun of it, and one done with a more personal purpose behind it.

JamesOrthII @ 8/1/2020 11:35 commented on RIP Friend

Thank you. It means a lot to me.

JamesOrthII @ 8/1/2020 11:33 commented on RIP Friend

Thank you. I tried to put a lot of care into this piece. The large amount of negative space was very intentional. Not trying to sound too cheezy/obvious, but it represents the huge negative space he left in his absence. Home just doesn't feel the same without that little guy running around it.

JamesOrthII @ 7/29/2020 17:24 commented on Magic Blue Beetle

Yeah, the avatar was the first time I had ever tried that sort of "blinders" transition effect between images. I kinda liked it, and so with the Beetle here I wanted to experiment with some variations on color/pattern transitions.

The beetle was drawn as a quick contest entry. I didn't have to animate it at all for the contest, I just did that as a fun personal experiment. :)

I'm trying to experiment a bit, and work with different styles and limitations than my norm.

JamesOrthII @ 5/5/2020 19:03 commented on emily

This is super cute. I especially love the really soft colors and shading.

JamesOrthII @ 4/16/2020 08:41 commented on Kitty Cake's lil'Brother

Wow, I really love the use of spirals as texture/dithering. It gives it a unique, kinda painterly feel.

JamesOrthII @ 4/15/2020 16:13 commented on Mechanisms - Belts

Awesome. Thanks for the info. And keep up the great work! You've definitely mastered this style and technique.

JamesOrthII @ 4/15/2020 15:49 commented on Electric Chad

This makes me hear Earthbound battle music in the background. Nice work.

JamesOrthII @ 4/10/2020 16:21 commented on Majora's Mask Demake

Holy wow. I just found this piece, and I can only reiterate what others have already said: The lighting/shadows add so much depth to the work, and really mimic the dark-shadowed look that the official artwork had. The purpley shadows and saturated sunlight feel very appropriate for the game's style. I also particularly love the shading on the buttons on the HUD, and the way the light just barely touches the top of Link's cap. Amazing work.

JamesOrthII @ 4/10/2020 16:01 commented on Mechanisms - Belts

Wow, that's really awesome. Curious, what software do you use? I mostly use Aseprite for pixel related work. It's technically possible to do color cycling in Aseprite, but as far as I'm aware, it's not really an easy thing to do, as only one palette can be loaded per file.

Do you use a specific software to do color cycles like this?

JamesOrthII @ 4/10/2020 15:46 commented on Ornament in Orben's temple

Calligraphy? Fascinating. So these shapes represent letters/words? I'd be interested to know what the message is, or if you have a translation/letter guide.

Edit: This piece kinda remineded me of this boss from Mischief Makers:

The boss itself also utilized words as a part of it's fight, which I thought was super interesting. Not sure if your thought process was related, but just a similar vibe I got. Either way, awesome work!

JamesOrthII @ 4/7/2020 23:45 commented on Mechanisms - Belts

Wow. Are the gear teeth animated using color cycles too? This is fantastic.

JamesOrthII @ 4/7/2020 19:36 commented on Ornament in Orben's temple

Oh man, I love the energy in this piece. It looks as if it's both tangible and abstract at the same time.

JamesOrthII @ 4/5/2020 21:49 commented on Little pixel family from Puerto Rico.

I love them! Their shapes are all unique. Great silhouettes.

JamesOrthII @ 5/26/2018 07:03 commented on Yummy Boy

Oh wow. Very nice use of restricted color palette.

JamesOrthII @ 5/21/2018 19:06 commented on Camel Rider Alison

Thanks. :)

JamesOrthII @ 5/21/2018 19:05 commented on Ruby run

Hey, I think you followed me. Or I followed you. I don't remember. Either way, I found the Save Baby James twitter and thought to myself "hey, I know that person from Pixeljoint"

Anyway, Baby James looks ridiculously fun.

JamesOrthII @ 5/11/2018 16:33 commented on Camel Rider Alison

> "The camel made me recall Hoot Kloot's Fester."

Haha, how have I never seen this cartoon? I just looked it up, and yeah that's pretty much the style I was going for. That kind of 1970's Dudley Do Right style, but also remniscient of older Ub Iwerks rubber-hose limbs.