Stava @ 1/21/2019 03:26 commented on C16 RPG Tileset Mockup

Very cool, I like how the palette of the house works with the ground tiles making the house stand out. The tree area and grassland are neat also. The characters are quite nifty, a lot of uniqueness in each one packed in so small sprites.. Only the walls look a bit boring and too square/unnatural in comparison to the rest to me.

Stava @ 1/16/2019 10:16 commented on Big Bird

how do i get the pixel joint premium membership so i can zoom in ALL the pieces submitted on here?

Stava @ 1/16/2019 10:14 commented on Big Bird


Stava @ 1/15/2019 22:15 commented on Big Boo's Haunt

Wow, this is so amazing. Love the details, the design and the color palette and everything!

Only thing that's slighty bothering me is the stairs, 3 blocks for stairs doesn't seem exactly fitting to me since everything else has quite realistic proportions.

Stava @ 1/4/2019 05:06 commented on Magic Forest Concept Art

Very nice, I like the setting 

Stava @ 12/21/2018 12:17 commented on Paradise Jungle

Awesome, love the characters.

Stava @ 11/14/2018 02:49 commented on 2D Spyro Mockup

Really clean and lovely mockup, I just had a hard time finding and distincting the player character.. Might have to do with this being a still shot and if it were a real game with the character moving it might not be that big of a issue.

Stava @ 10/28/2018 08:39 commented on Ghost Lady

Really awesome, love the way you did the hair!

Stava @ 10/5/2018 08:00 commented on Gauntlet Game Mockup

Thanks! Glad you like it.

Stava @ 10/4/2018 05:09 commented on Owl

You shouldn't upload enlarged image, here on PJ there's a button to zoom in and out (the - and + boxes beneath your piece)

I really like the character though, cool concept and well done animation.

Stava @ 10/2/2018 07:10 commented on Gauntlet Game Mockup

Thanks! :)

Stava @ 9/7/2018 00:55 commented on The Succubus' Selfie

Amazingly done, and very interesting comment along the piece. 

Stava @ 7/25/2018 00:41 commented on Jaina Proudmoore

Pretty nice

Stava @ 7/25/2018 00:28 commented on girl n' cat

Hahah very nice, I like the characters.

Stava @ 6/22/2018 05:46 commented on Punkterosaur

Really cool style and interesting piece 

Stava @ 6/22/2018 05:41 commented on Pixel Dailies Self Portrait


Stava @ 4/22/2018 07:10 commented on ||||RGB

Hello, Lijj, that's a nice animation and a interesting logo you've got there.

Stava @ 2/13/2018 15:01 commented on Pink Moon hero

AHh oops, I wasn't sure if it's a girl or a guy but for some reason based off of my memory I had the idea it was a guy. I should've said cool sprite! haha

Stava @ 2/13/2018 11:35 commented on Pink Moon hero

I remember when you were working on this haha

Cool looking guy. :P

Stava @ 2/11/2018 15:26 commented on Britt Fee and Boni


Nice to see you around here haha.. I actually spoke with Mitch like less than a month ago. (Duhh since he wrote on here you'd think we're in touch but not really he's barely ever on discord).. You should add me on Discord also if you have account on there Stava#7301

Stava @ 2/10/2018 01:27 commented on Winter Nomad

Looking great, love the style

Stava @ 1/27/2018 06:45 commented on enjoy the veiw


Stava @ 1/8/2018 08:20 commented on uocI smeN

Looking great! I really like the colors and the flashyness

Stava @ 1/5/2018 16:01 commented on Sapphire Sky

Thanks guys :D

Stava @ 1/2/2018 06:11 commented on Automobili Peculari

These are awesome, really creative and fun designs. My favorite is the top right one, the orange wheels and the plate looking like teeth are a brilliant touch!