atprises @ 5/8/2017 04:33 commented on Big Bird

Shared this link on my twitter! What a great idea!

atprises @ 4/23/2017 00:13 commented on Lutea

omg, Lake? Is it you?! 

Jokes aside, a very good work was done! 

atprises @ 4/11/2017 04:30 commented on waterfalls battlefield

Oh wow, that lady has no shame. Anybody with an etsy account can report the shop there.

@nevercreature yeah, personal use is okay! My mom embroidered 2 pieces and they hang on the wall so we can look at them forever lol but doing such thing for money and exposure is so bad! 

atprises @ 4/2/2017 23:35 commented on Mr. Monk and the Room of Tomato Ketchup

So unexpected! Thank you so much!! And congrats to all the winners! All hail the great DawnBringer 

atprises @ 12/14/2016 23:56 commented on mirror

Oh, it's nice to know that something made it to the HoF! 

It's doing very good, thank you : )

atprises @ 12/12/2016 00:42 commented on Shosho

I was like "whaaat is this??" Then I was like "I looove it!!" So creative 

atprises @ 10/5/2016 02:05 commented on Sharpener

Actually there is a list of themes you got to draw, you can find it here 

atprises @ 10/2/2016 09:46 commented on Limited palette practice

So good! 

atprises @ 10/2/2016 09:28 commented on Big Bird

Thank you!! 

To everyone -> I just saw on twitter a pixel art challenge for October. Feel free to join it : D I am still thinking if I should participate.. Previous year I did the similar challenge and it was lots of fun!

atprises @ 8/25/2016 13:04 commented on The GFX Void Bludgeoner

 I am captivated! Awesom!!

atprises @ 7/12/2016 07:10 commented on Dancing girls

Sprites dance to any 120 bpm music 

I was way too scared to overdo the foreground >.< I'll figure it out after finishing next 20 pieces) Thank you for the feedback!

atprises @ 7/4/2016 11:09 commented on White Demon

Ha-ha! I have to agree that the canvas size is small but isn't it challenge-ing? 

Why do you have this amazing challenge when I have bad eye infection?!   I must figure out a way to pixel characters somehow D,:

atprises @ 6/17/2016 00:24 commented on Smile atp

I like sleeping and crying ones haha it's like a test on your current psychological condition)

atprises @ 6/16/2016 07:13 commented on Gespenst

Yay! Animation! 

atprises @ 5/20/2016 05:46 commented on Big Bird

I think that the problem is that Twitter is a social networking service not a gallery, people use it to connect and share different stuff. I've noticed that twitter users are very active (they will click on your link, reply to your question etc etc). I add people on tumblr if I want to see images only, a lot of artists are there and it's simple.

I am amazed how hard workng Fool is  I mean instruments aren't easy to make!

atprises @ 3/31/2016 07:33 commented on Big Bird

@phil when you want somebody(you've never talked to) to help you, you most certainly will not start a conversation with a phase "I'm choosing you". I am not your pokemon  I want to have an option to say yes or no.. and to say hello and get to know you better first.

@zizka I prefer calling names cuz we belong to the same small internet community and it matters about who we are talking. This chat is visible to logged in users only. Why have secrets? It is a bit offensive to me cuz you talk about someone you don't know but I know it's me. It made me feel sad cuz I watched a weird talk about me and I couldn't stand up for myself since Philippe wasn't calling me out. I think it's not something that is called "care".

@fusionnist Have you contacted me? It sounds like you did from your message but I think I didn't receive any note,email from you 0.0 So far I replied to everybody except 1 person cuz I deleted his email by a mistake, I tweeted about it but got no response. Was it you? It was like a year ago!

atprises @ 3/31/2016 00:07 commented on Big Bird

Well, if you talk about 'a pixel artist' you should say that it was me : ) I often read this chat. Let's not discuss people behind their backs on public, tell everybody the name.

atprises @ 3/23/2016 05:00 commented on girl with mushrooms

Thanks for all nice comments!  

I often think that my designs are too simple, repetitive and boring. It surprises me that people actually like them!

atprises @ 3/10/2016 00:52 commented on Big Bird

I think that first you have to get some deeper knowledge in anatomy cuz it's not a straight stick figure. I've been doing life drawing since summer and I've noticed that my drawings improved once I've finished a course of anatomy for artists. I know it's not about pixel art but my pixels also got better)

It's like first you have to study exactly what you want to sort out and then you sort it out more wisely.

atprises @ 3/7/2016 01:20 commented on MG2

When I saw the preview I was like "omg, someone pixeled a portrait of 7even!!" lol 

atprises @ 3/1/2016 01:38 commented on Easy we follow

Whew! I am glad that your universe went back into alignment 

atprises @ 2/29/2016 02:34 commented on Easy we follow

Well, I wasn't skilled when I registered on PJ. No one is born with an ability to draw academically correct plaster busts. You can't gain drawing skills without actually drawing a lot. If you keep working for years you naturally improve. And I still make mistakes in my works lol

atprises @ 2/27/2016 19:36 commented on Easy we follow

I really like your suggestion! Will update the piece. Thank you : )

atprises @ 2/22/2016 01:45 commented on Gremmings

Very dynamic work! Love it 

atprises @ 1/28/2016 03:01 commented on My First Sprite!

oh oh! Too bad there is no Queen badge on PJ! lol

So happy to be on the top cuz I thought that it'll never happen! Thanks to everyone for their rates and favs :D