kaze19th @ 1/12/2015 07:42 commented on Slime (gs)

Nice idea, I'll definetely try something :)

kaze19th @ 9/16/2013 11:19 commented on Sabretoothbig

 Ok, this is a good opportunity to work my anatomy. Also, hope a lot of entries this time x)

kaze19th @ 9/14/2013 04:56 commented on Two Players, Two Ways Out, One Solution

 Yes you're right, I have much difficulties with anatomy. If I have time enough I'll try to work again on this picture, but be sure I'll try to create things looking real things (I often drawn unreal thing because have difficluties with anatomy) in order to to be less bad. For the wings I had already read tutorials but each time I tried to shade them it was too... "plastic"... 

I'll try to improve this picture if I have time, else I'll make another and another ones in order to work this points.

Thanks a lot for your comment, it gave me more envy to work this points ! 

kaze19th @ 9/12/2013 16:10 commented on Ancient Monument

 Thanks :o

You're right, it makes pretty manga-esque, I think it's probably because of  the colors and the way I tried to use them. ^^

kaze19th @ 9/12/2013 16:00 commented on Elk's Forest Of Desolation

 I just don't have the good words... You're awesome.

kaze19th @ 2/15/2013 18:39 commented on Bernie

I love how this is smooth, and the colors works very well too.

kaze19th @ 2/15/2013 18:32 commented on Peperro

Me gusta mucho el estilo, y también me encantan los colores, sobre todo después de hacer zoom, excelente trabajo ! :)

kaze19th @ 2/14/2013 07:39 commented on Robot Cowboy Death

I like the sprite and the animation. Also, the uniform and it's colours remind me of the Galbadian uniform (From FFVIII).

Nice job. :)

kaze19th @ 2/13/2013 14:52 commented on [secret santa 2012] Le Coloss de Another World

- "Rudolph !"

-"Santa ?"


Very funny, and awesome pixelling.

kaze19th @ 2/13/2013 14:25 commented on Big Bird

At least

kaze19th @ 2/13/2013 13:49 commented on Super Mario Bros. World 1-2

Awesome, I can almost hear the music ^^

kaze19th @ 2/11/2013 12:21 commented on Statler

Hey! You're right, I didn't even notice it !

kaze19th @ 2/11/2013 06:51 commented on Statler

A good  motivation to try (at least) the animation, hope I'll find some idea to enter...

kaze19th @ 2/10/2013 20:01 commented on let's get some bruggers

I like the style and the colors, but I don't know why, each time I look at the guy I have the impression his arms are not in the good sens (As if he had his head turned at 180°, but the legs are in the other sens). Anyway it's certainly just me, I like the style, especially the dog ^^

kaze19th @ 2/10/2013 07:58 commented on Barbarian

I love the colors and the design.

kaze19th @ 2/10/2013 07:57 commented on Cyber Gorilla

Thanks :)

kaze19th @ 2/9/2013 14:44 commented on Big Bird

snowstorm? sounds great. no stupid weekend-activitys, just staying home, listening music :)

kaze19th @ 2/9/2013 02:36 commented on La gitana hipnˇtica

Very impressive use of the colours

kaze19th @ 2/8/2013 18:47 commented on Plucky

Your lightning looks like pillow shading, I suggest you to go here and here in order to understand how to improve your piece. Good continuation ! :)

kaze19th @ 2/8/2013 16:08 commented on Even more FFT portraits

I recognised Rydia instantanely, awesome job.

kaze19th @ 2/8/2013 11:55 commented on Animal Crossing Characters

Very nice work, I love your style and choice of colours.

kaze19th @ 2/8/2013 02:49 commented on Ancient Monument

You're right, this arm seems to have a problem, I'll try to find a photo as reference in order to correct it. Thanks for your comment :)

kaze19th @ 2/7/2013 16:44 commented on Ironbane Stuff

I love the colors and the style, nice work

kaze19th @ 2/7/2013 09:37 commented on Wyvern

I like this kind of sprites, nice shading and details

kaze19th @ 2/7/2013 09:34 commented on run cycle

Very smooth, I like it. :)