Marzipan @ 6/8/2012 02:06 commented on The Watchtower

I like how there are so many different styles in this piece. To me it does look well together.

But I do think the green is too intense. 

Marzipan @ 6/7/2012 12:00 commented on Tei

 Looks nice and clean. I wouldn't have recognized this as pixel art if it wasn't here.

Marzipan @ 6/6/2012 22:54 commented on Waters aloft

Hahaha thank you. I can assure you my future work will have way less. 

Marzipan @ 6/6/2012 13:09 commented on Medieval Weapons

I agree with Zeratanus. But the dullness of the normal weapons make them look more real and the magical seem all the more... magical. I also like how you didn't ad any bright sparkles or other effects to the magical weapons. It gives them a more real appeal. 


Marzipan @ 6/6/2012 13:04 commented on Io Inferno

The preview alone amazes me with the blinking effects. The whole work is fabulous!

Marzipan @ 6/6/2012 06:31 commented on Pray Forgiveness, O My Brothers! The Terrible Vengeance of the Lord is Upon Us!

This piece is real smooth and I love the concept. I studied it for a bit then noticed the palm trees could use a little smoothing out. other than that I'm completely happy with it. 

I aspire to one day AA as good as you did here.

Marzipan @ 6/5/2012 00:51 commented on Metallic Numbers

 You're great when it comes down to material. I like how you make your previews too.

Marzipan @ 6/4/2012 23:27 commented on Running Through Amedet [Collab: Skedds + Slym]

Aw look at those different colored trees~

I love games. Especially games in which you are a creature of some sort. Too bad there are not much of those games around so I'm extra sad you guys had to drop it. 

The process was interesting to see.

Marzipan @ 6/4/2012 22:52 commented on Pirate seahorse

You're right I still need to fully grasp where to put what colors when in comes to lining. I've just found a tutorial that explained it well. Hope my next pixels show improvement. 

I might still redo this one someday.