RileyFiery @ 1/14/2016 07:29 commented on Big Bird

Twenty euros or $21.79 US. I didn't imagine it, but someone else did for me.

Here's one to knock them dead free of charge. How do little vampires get to sleep? They count Draculas.

RileyFiery @ 1/13/2016 19:44 commented on Big Bird

So a tutorial I found on Kyrieru's website helped me a great deal to get back into the swing of things. I must thank you for that Kyrieru. Your tutorial "The Basics" was pretty good.

RileyFiery @ 1/13/2016 17:26 commented on Big Bird

It hurts my head to see and read those posts.

RileyFiery @ 1/13/2016 07:08 commented on Big Bird

It's sad many people lack a sense of humor.

RileyFiery @ 1/12/2016 20:01 commented on Big Bird

I still scrapped it, but felt a lot better about it compared to a couple of days ago.

RileyFiery @ 1/12/2016 20:00 commented on Big Bird

Anyone got a good clusters explanation video? (Or someone whom frequently uses clusters) I can read concept all I want, but a visual aid helps as well aside from random small pictures. I'm still stuck in my rut, but I was able to actually doodle something today and then refine it while applying some techniques I remember/relearned.

RileyFiery @ 1/10/2016 09:44 commented on Big Bird

That was a pretty good video mate. Thank you for sharing it because I haven't seen it before.

RileyFiery @ 1/10/2016 09:14 commented on Big Bird

Video, you have my curiousity. I forced myself to try to relearn the basics. It's like pulling teeth, but I'm slowly remembering. Still lacking creativity and general ideas, but I'll keep trying.

@Hapiel, sounds like fun mate. lol

RileyFiery @ 1/9/2016 16:34 commented on Big Bird

So I've been out of the art for awhile now, and I honestly can't think of anything. Kind of bums me out. When I do make something I scrap it a few minutes later because it's not turning out how I picture it. I need some advice mates. lol

RileyFiery @ 1/9/2016 13:34 commented on Big Bird

Objection, sustained, fair enough. I thought that, at the time, was something like an event rather than a long term chat.

RileyFiery @ 1/8/2016 15:59 commented on Big Bird

I didn't even know there was a Skype group chat.

RileyFiery @ 1/4/2016 16:27 commented on Big Bird

Late happy new year folks.

RileyFiery @ 9/2/2015 13:07 commented on Big Bird

Interesting, me too.

RileyFiery @ 8/6/2015 07:02 commented on Big Bird

Site looks fresh guys.

RileyFiery @ 6/17/2015 20:50 commented on Big Bird

Not bad, really digging it.

RileyFiery @ 3/29/2015 20:18 commented on Big Bird

Thanks man, appreciate it. The birthday wish Green.

RileyFiery @ 2/4/2015 20:48 commented on Dark Souls, beat them all Demake

Man this is real nito. I like it mate. I love Souls series tributes.

RileyFiery @ 12/2/2014 08:55 commented on Big Bird

I sure do love Colbert.

RileyFiery @ 11/18/2014 14:33 commented on Big Bird

Step 1: Add a ruff


RileyFiery @ 11/5/2014 19:51 commented on Golden Angel 1

I've been marathoning your videos and I must say you are so good. Your project has been moving forward with such great quality. I look forward to even more eye candy in the future.

RileyFiery @ 11/1/2014 15:33 commented on Big Bird

One of my favorite horror films of all time. Of course the later releases really weren't that great.

RileyFiery @ 10/31/2014 19:27 commented on Little Vader [Flow]

The music and art are wonderful. It took me awhile to find the mansion in the top right of the town. I randomly stumbled on it trying to inspect the wall near it. I might not have found it if it wasn't for that.

RileyFiery @ 10/30/2014 21:44 commented on Big Bird

Happy, or Scary Halloween.

RileyFiery @ 10/23/2014 07:28 commented on Big Bird Well done, just well done.

Also side note, you need a slow clap dumbo.

RileyFiery @ 10/23/2014 07:14 commented on Castle Scout Stages

I liked all of them, but this one was my favorite.