Peyton @ 5/22/2018 22:10 commented on 16

thanks, all original at least as far as im aware

Peyton @ 2/6/2018 00:28 commented on Windy day

nice joblyay

Peyton @ 9/13/2017 14:52 commented on A little yellow Bird

nice try boi lmao

Peyton @ 8/28/2017 09:58 commented on Big Bird

ill chime in for the first time in prob a year or so

i 100% support hapiel being a mod. i thought he was when i first joined, so hes def a good fit.

dont know eishiya as well but she could also be a mod. more people to put in work to get things approved will def help.

there wont ever be a good time to go through the queue and clear it out while still giving everyone proper front page exposure. i think mods should sit down within this next week and go through everything on the queue and clear it out. things already arent getting front page exposure as is and it will help in the long run to have the queue cleared and easy to keep up on. it will suck for those who want some views on their work (i got 2 pieces in there right now), but its better than waiting in queue forever and still not having anyone see it

people need to prod at sedge more to gain access to the ability to rework the site. hell obviously retain ownership but we need an admin who is active on the site rather than one who doesnt do any work on it at all. there are some major issues with pjs design which could be ironed out if we had a diff admin running it

i wasnt here to see what got rav banned but i would say if he really wants to rejoin the community give him another chance. i have a feeling if he was banned for being hostile though that he might not want to come back

and ayy im 19 today fuck my life

Peyton @ 8/25/2017 21:13 commented on Seeing is Believing

look at you mr fancy pants artist man thinking ur so cool smh

Peyton @ 5/29/2017 23:17 commented on Big Bird

pixel joints code being at least a decade old makes it super vulnerable to that type of shit unfortunately



Peyton @ 5/25/2017 15:25 commented on 8

he plays piano



Peyton @ 4/2/2017 11:29 commented on Copper Death

this is awful you fucing shit i hate you

Peyton @ 3/30/2017 21:51 commented on Shoe guy

right on time



Peyton @ 2/27/2017 08:00 commented on final widowmaker scene

i have a sneaking suspicion that you like overwatch



Peyton @ 1/13/2017 15:57 commented on Sikh

nice smiles skeleman

Peyton @ 1/12/2017 20:29 commented on Big Bird

jal when he hets back

Peyton @ 1/12/2017 09:03 commented on Big Bird

ill put some missing posters with his avatar up and see if that helps

Peyton @ 1/1/2017 19:58 commented on meow

good stuff

id add a few more colors to smooth out the robe

Peyton @ 12/5/2016 14:24 commented on scene of beach

whyd you have to do this one during finals week godamn i got no time

Peyton @ 11/2/2016 23:25 commented on November

those clusters are crisp as hell

Peyton @ 9/25/2016 15:31 commented on 3

@christo Thanks!

@pyrometal Almost all of these were submitted as their own over the last about 4 years at some point.

@amorph, fudds, Thanks!

@manu I don't know why, it's one of my least favorite of mine

@bobo don't test me boi

Peyton @ 9/20/2016 21:49 commented on Big Bird

if i see another white chick with dreadlocks at my college im gonna freak the hell out

Peyton @ 9/6/2016 08:57 commented on Zombie Glue

you dont gotta lie to us, you drew that a few days ago

Peyton @ 9/1/2016 22:26 commented on church

dont worry man its all jokes i only do that with people i know

Peyton @ 8/31/2016 16:15 commented on Weird forest

those leaves are the best thing ever tho

Peyton @ 8/26/2016 15:50 commented on church

ur shit fuc worst piece ive ever see

Peyton @ 8/16/2016 18:11 commented on Big Bird

im hardcor gangster pal better watch out

Peyton @ 8/16/2016 15:41 commented on Big Bird

leavin for collej tomorrow


also check out my mixtape

Peyton @ 6/22/2016 22:15 commented on Mustard

gros u suc