curvedlines @ 7/14/2012 01:46 commented on Fire Fish

 Nice, I like how you took the time to do the animation.  I wasn't willing to do that on mine though I thought about it for quite a long time.

curvedlines @ 7/13/2012 00:16 commented on Helio-Monster

 Thank you.  I'm very proud of this piece.

curvedlines @ 7/9/2012 08:37 commented on Victorian Inventory

 Awesome!  Thanks for letting me know I'll go fix those right away.  I was searching for ever yesterday.  And I'll make sure to pay more attention in the future.


edit: I found the white spot and fixed it.  I didn't find the gray pixels specifically but I redid that whole area.  Later tonight I'll just go ahead and double check the whole border.  Thanks for letting me know guys.

curvedlines @ 7/8/2012 20:05 commented on Victorian Inventory

 @cure.  How can you tell?  I made sure the pallette was only 16 colors.  Or I thought I did anyway.


edit: Just went back and counted the colors and I've got 16.  Three grays, an off white, three blues, a black, four reds, and four browns.