Belle @ 3/14/2005 07:11 commented on Kyoru's Cloud
Oh cute, all curled up on that cloud.
This is one of my favourites of yours.

Belle @ 3/8/2005 08:04 commented on Kitana

I must try and do something like that.

Belle @ 3/6/2005 01:46 commented on Black Mesa Scientist (Black Guy)
Yet it doesn't seem to want to save your password. You still have to login every time.

Belle @ 3/5/2005 16:18 commented on Barney
*eats your forum of evil*

Belle @ 3/5/2005 16:18 commented on Headcrab
True that.

Belle @ 3/5/2005 09:02 commented on Black Mesa Scientist (Black Guy)
Much better, much much better.

Belle @ 3/3/2005 09:15 commented on Moblin
Ahhhh I remember these things. You used to have to hide under barrels to stop getting caught and such.
I hate that dungeon, it took me forever to complete it.

Anyway, nice stuff. Will we ever see a full-body version in the future?

Belle @ 3/3/2005 09:13 commented on F
Oooouuu shiney.


Belle @ 3/3/2005 09:08 commented on Headcrab
Or just the people in general.

Belle @ 3/3/2005 09:07 commented on Marine
I tend to stick the whole 'fill in the form if you want to reuse my work and I'll get back to you' approach.
It may take longer, but it makes absoloutely sure I know what's happening to what.

Belle @ 3/2/2005 04:12 commented on Barney
It should probably be taken into account that some of us hate pixelling buildings, cities and the like.

I know I do.
*bangs head*

Belle @ 2/24/2005 22:44 commented on Barney
I've never found isometric stuff to be all that fun... =/

Belle @ 2/24/2005 09:01 commented on Park Dweller
Impressively unique, you don't tend to see much pixel art like this.

I think I might eat it.


Belle @ 2/24/2005 08:51 commented on Sonic
Ahhh it's been so long since I played a game with Sonic in, the games were always soooo fun and I miss them.


Belle @ 2/24/2005 08:50 commented on Headcrab
And the worst part is the children.

Belle @ 2/24/2005 08:49 commented on Metroid
Fantastic idea.

Belle @ 2/24/2005 08:46 commented on Bronzze
Ahhh so that's how the colours are changed so easily, I was always curious about that.

Excellent shading and the pose is lovely, this is my favourite pixel art on here.

Belle @ 2/23/2005 20:04 commented on Headcrab
LA scares the shit outta me.
Tooo far away for me though. :( Damn Ireland.

Belle @ 1/29/2005 17:50 commented on Ice Penguin Statue
This penguin is my favourite of the lot. *_*

Belle @ 1/29/2005 17:49 commented on Waldo
For some reason they called him Wally in the UK. o_0

Belle @ 1/29/2005 14:07 commented on Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
I liked those movies, lol.

Belle @ 1/29/2005 09:47 commented on Marshmellow grimlin
*dies from cuteness overload*


Belle @ 1/29/2005 09:42 commented on Asian Warrior
I dunno, I quite like the colours on this one. It reminds me of that army of clay soldiers in an Emperor's tomb.

Belle @ 1/29/2005 09:42 commented on Moon
Heh, simple and elegant. I'm loving that expression.

Belle @ 1/29/2005 09:40 commented on Irish Cop
Ahhh Ireland. Home sweet home. The police are useless there by the way.

This one makes me laugh.