skittle @ 3/21/2018 12:59 commented on Big Bird

Pjv4 when?

skittle @ 1/23/2018 10:56 commented on Featherfall

Good shit dude 

skittle @ 1/2/2018 20:31 commented on Weirdo ball

Thanks to all the mods and people keeping the site alive 

skittle @ 1/1/2018 11:13 commented on Self Portrait at 28

You're so great dude.

skittle @ 12/11/2017 11:30 commented on Big Bird

"but it seems like I've run out of goals or fun in doing this." Thats the problem. It sounds like you've starved yourself from actually learning and you've more or less just doodled up to this point -at least I'm just trying to relate, maybe that's not actually the case.

Not doing art is totally fine if you're not looking to pursue it as career, casual art is O.K. but the mindset that you have right now makes it sound like you want more, maybe? Like you said you don't have any goals, well you got to make some. Look at the bigger picture and ask if art is something you want to take seriously, not just pixelart but art as a whole. If that is the case there is so much more to learn, there's so many more goals and ways to move forward that aren't even related to a single medium (something other than pixelart bc it's lame :^) ). Maybe you can see where I'm going with this.

If pixelart or art isn't something you're looking at as a longterm solution to giving life some sort of fullfillment then don't feel bad about not stepping up to the plate to actually do art from time to time. Not doing art for a week, or a month is FINE! There's so many more outlets and things to do, they don't even need to be creative. Otherwsie, start learning and thinking about what you don't know.

Idk if your depression is linked directly to this, and maybe most of this stuff might be useless to you. I also struggle a lot with depression (inb4 it's just teen angst), most of it isn't linked to art but it ends up directly affecting it so I guess I just wish I had someone to tell me this when I eventually run myself into the ground (again) with my depression in the future.

Hope this gives you something to think about in the very least. People who do creative things who feel stagnant or depressed more than what's deemed "normal" does seem to be a pretty big stereotype so it wouldn't be surprising that a lot of people on this site can relate.

skittle @ 11/23/2017 11:25 commented on immortal vanguard

The fat guy has so much character, cool shit.

skittle @ 11/22/2017 12:36 commented on Bond, James Bond

Hope we get a NPA gallery, that would be neat. Hopefully it would attract more people, just wonder if it's too late for that because of the reputation pj has garnered over the years.

skittle @ 11/7/2017 16:22 commented on Big Bird

Hey its me ur mod

skittle @ 11/1/2017 11:55 commented on The Mummy Demastered

Really think this is the best stuff you've done so far.The open room with arches is some streetfighter background level of quality.

skittle @ 9/15/2017 13:34 commented on Toilet Paper Roll Arrest

tell u hwat, sexiest toilet paper roll I've ever seen 

skittle @ 9/14/2017 14:04 commented on Toilet Paper Roll Arrest

Im sorry, but like moondrome, im only seeing a roll of toilet paper

skittle @ 8/26/2017 13:13 commented on 10

Yea I dont blame u no worries :^)

skittle @ 8/26/2017 11:59 commented on 10

Guess that comes with the territory when ur a ginger

skittle @ 8/26/2017 08:59 commented on 10

Oh no, that sounds like shit. If it makes you feel better I'll be going bald 100% when I get into my 20s aha.

skittle @ 8/24/2017 08:15 commented on Big Bird

You ever take a shit and think that's how big of a dick you could take

skittle @ 8/17/2017 06:05 commented on Big Bird

Pixelart was a horrible idea.

skittle @ 8/12/2017 07:45 commented on Big Bird

Yea I can imagine that being what it is. Still tho, I thought my colours were pretty okay for some of my pieces, turns out this whole time they  were ass ;(

skittle @ 8/11/2017 21:04 commented on Big Bird

this one  

Everything is a bit yellow but apparently it's more accurate than my previous screen. Idk Im very confused

skittle @ 8/11/2017 16:11 commented on Big Bird

Does anyone know that site where you can test to see if the colours on your screen are proper?

edit nvm got it

skittle @ 8/11/2017 08:59 commented on bullshit shrine thing

Mhmmm, hopefully I'm getting you here, sort of something along the lines of a stiffness about the piece emerging because of where perfectionism for the medium is trying to be achieved? I honestly think it's just the unfinished nature of this particular piece that is maybe what's catching your eye.
Either way, I'm happy that you think this is bringing something new to the table for you : )

skittle @ 8/8/2017 21:21 commented on bullshit shrine thing

Thanks for all the kind stuff you say mandrill 

thanks! If anything I'm quite satisfied with the lighting too.

Thanks man :D

Aha, yea had a couple others say it, I don't see it but im glad you guys think so :)

skittle @ 8/8/2017 21:19 commented on Big Bird

Thought pj was dead for good 

that's an awfully confusing picture aha

skittle @ 8/5/2017 07:07 commented on Big Bird

17. Both 15 and 16.

skittle @ 8/5/2017 06:44 commented on Big Bird

15. pixelart from /r/pixelart

skittle @ 8/5/2017 06:28 commented on bullshit shrine thing

Thanks tony! Been awhile since I've seen you post anything on here : )

Yea, I do tend to spend a lot of time tweaking colours, so that's nice to hear!

That's true. Idk tho, in general I do tend to like the feel of x2 for pixelart.


Aha, thanks so much man, good luck with your game :D

@beepboop pakid & Dino
Thanks guys, I appreciate it a lot!