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Happy Birthday jenny 1113 and Keany 

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AndyLittle's piece was already pushed off the front page ;(

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kinky shit

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Water u wearing rn

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Ur not convincing anyone. That's a seal 


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Yea I guess that is understandable. However, I can't quite see the real bad part about the overarching plot being about "extreme progressivism" -as I think it's easy to pull examples from any political group that showcases an extreme side to their politics (not talking about feminism only). I don't think having that as your plot makes you anti-women, or anti-whatever -maybe it could be seen as weak writing more than anything but I don't think it's really trespasses any moral ground IMO.

Especially him saying that he embraces egalitarism over feminism due to it becoming more skewed -and from what it sounds, both concepts share similar ideologies. I don't think he's really a bad guy because of this, it sounds more like a case of him seperating himself from a group that already has controversy as far as their online presence goes, in favour of something else (ofc in the processs creating only more controversy for himself hah). I think his statements about that really do boil down to it being about a few bad apples in a group, since I certainly don't hate feminism but I think it is easy to cherry pick examples that do show extrimism in which would want you to seperate yourself from that group.

I hope I sound neutral enough, I definitely don't intend to hate any group outright lol Most political ideologies are not without their faults, and that's really because of the sometimes, toxic sides that groups do unfortunately hold, and which the internet only makes them louder. I think a lot of cases of sjws tying themselves to feminism and fighting for rather silly things is enough for someone to say they don't like where feminism is going, I'm not one of them but ye (I do have my own qualms about sjws).

I don't know much about Gamergate and it sounds like too big and dumb of a thing to learn about so I'm not going to say anything about that in regards to his associating with it which I know garnered him some negative comments.

But yea, no hate -hope what I wrote even makes sense and I dont sound like a retard. I'm probably digging myself a hole here tho, RIP gamedev career :(

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Too bad he got in a sticky situtation with the SJW indie community :/ Hopefully it doesn't ruin sales for him, one of the best looking games in e3.

It looks like they put a lot of time into the visuals, I hope the same could be said of the gameplay and story.

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That's almost 5 years now.

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Poor mandrill haha, everyone bashing the palette. 

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It might've just been twitter :^)

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he doesn't even give a heck

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That smooth zoom on fixeljoint <3

I prefer the green colour scheme from before.

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You're one of my favorite pa artists out there. Really good shit man

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Really love the way they did the foliage on the trees. Looks like a lonely Harvest moon

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Not enough zombies 

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Yea I have the same problem, it's a bit of a headache to use kickstarter because of that 

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Yea it really ruined it ;(. Problem is, is that pj wasn't previewing the image properly before I posted. Unfortunately I don't think I can edit the news, a mod would probably have to do that. Pyrometal already made it way better than it was before I even posted it.



And no worries, I'm not exactly rolling in money so I haven't really done my fair share of kickstarter backing either haha. I'm hoping it succeeds too so I can make more backgrounds for it :^) Sharing the kickstarter already goes a long way, thankyou! 

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tfw no one rips your art 

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shit I was 13 when I posted that comment. I probably should've actually given some critique instead of doing the lazy linking to other tutorials hah. Good on you for keeping at it man!

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Not in front of everyone on pj 

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Ahaa thanks mandrill <3



Thanks again everyone





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ya fuck u 1 million billion times better than ur edit