Pheno @ 11/24/2017 09:57 commented on Borealopelta

Brings to mind the masterpieces of Elk. It's so gorgeous.

Pheno @ 10/13/2017 18:52 commented on The Gather (inspired by Frankie's WeekendRPG)

Sexy palette and clusters.

Pheno @ 10/3/2017 06:50 commented on October Dragon Girl

I'm such a sucker for cyan and magenta together. What nice work.

Pheno @ 10/1/2017 13:46 commented on Heavy weapons beard

Where'd his ammo belt go?

Pheno @ 10/1/2017 09:35 commented on Don't Lose the Beard

Tiled look gives me mrmo vibes. I love the colors, and you completely fooled me with the inverted preview.

Pheno @ 9/28/2017 09:09 commented on Empress of Tomorrow

Great shading, particularly on the ruff and her midsection. The anti-aliasing is good in some places and questionable in others; a good idea to keep in mind is consistent width. It takes some trial and error, and your eye will get better with time, but try to design your AA to preserve the shape you intend your design to take. With high contrast like that of the blue patch of hair, you want to make sure that the bright parts are not broken by the darker parts, as that will ruin the smoothness you're going for.

Good piece overall. I like it a lot.

Pheno @ 9/17/2017 15:09 commented on Teletext City

Yeah, you must have checked the box that said "submit this to this week's challenge." Just edit and uncheck that box.

Pheno @ 9/16/2017 20:06 commented on *tiny voice* foobaw!

Oh, the pause is intentional! The animation is a little snappy, and it's probably because of the lack of subpixeling. I suppose the quick starting and stopping kind of betrays the desired illusion of weight.

By the way, your icon really fits the things you say in an odd sort of way. Like some kind of old guru.

Pheno @ 9/2/2017 10:12 commented on #operationsamusreturns

I really wanna see the finished dithered version. This is surprisingly crisp for four colors and no dither, though.

Pheno @ 8/29/2017 15:13 commented on War Beast

Looks to me like you weren't done with the lower body before submitting. The shading on the torso and the ruff around his neck is really good.

For the anti-aliasing on his sword, you will almost certainly want to use multiple pixels for each "step," because single pixels on a slope like that won't really help the smoothness at all.

Pheno @ 8/29/2017 15:02 commented on Celeste Character Art

What's this doing in the weekly showcase almost 12 years after it was submitted?

Pheno @ 8/18/2017 08:49 commented on Greek Woman. Warning: Nudity!

Looks familiar. Did you reference something?

Pheno @ 8/18/2017 08:45 commented on Mayan Statue

Wow, they're hiding all the good stuff on the second page of the queue. Very nice.

Pheno @ 8/18/2017 08:42 commented on BOR

Good stuff. The eyestrain is unreal, though. Lower contrasting colors would do you well in future works like this one.

Pheno @ 8/18/2017 07:19 commented on Candle

After that giant citation I wrote on your fist pixel art, there's not a lot I have to say about this. I do have to say that you are immediately better at pixeling fire than I ever have been, which is a pretty promising sign to me. Here are some notes, though:

If you want the gradients on your art to be as smooth as possible, you want to make sure you don't put any of the hues you've made to waste. I spy at least one yellow-orange on the tip of the wick that could really even out the dithering on the flame, and at least one dark red that could smoothen the transition from the wick to the bed (or whatever that's called). Try not to think about your art in sections, color-wise. Reusing colors from other parts of the same piece can bridge contrasting parts and balance the artwork.

The edges of the candle are dithered with a brown that really serves no other major purpose. I think that you could achieve a better effect by just choosing a brown that contrasts a bit less with the main red, and forgoing the dithering entirely. If that brown happens to be the same brown connecting the wick to the bed, you can easily lighten that brown without impacting your piece much at all.

And just one final thing about making gifs; framerate will probably change based on what you want to make, but for smoothest results, set the frame time to .02 seconds (20 milliseconds), or 50 frames per second. If you don't want to draw so many frames, a frame time of .04 reduces it to 25 frames per second, and .05 reduces it to 20. Honestly, I usually make the frames first, then find a proper speed.

This is still good stuff, though. Working from photos shows you're not afraid to use references, and to me that means one fewer young artists who need that fear exorcised. I can't wait to see what you make as you study the work of other, more experienced artists like Snake, Jinn, Manupix, or any number of other big names on this site.

Pheno @ 8/18/2017 07:04 commented on Fist

Great work on this. A few notes if you don't mind:

The minimal shading is fine, but if you're going to go that route you may want to choose a darker tone for the color that takes up the majority of the hand. It doesn't have to be that much darker, it's just something to lower the overall brightness of the piece.

In addition, the color you're using for your outline is fine on light backgrounds, but the darker the background gets, the less good it does. Usually, if you're going to make a transparent image, you'd want to draw the image on a neutral gray background (120 luminosity) and make it so the colors pop on that background; that'll usually indicate that they look good on most. In general, darker is better for outlines in this context, but that doesn't mean that a black outline is the best. A very dark, saturated red could make this picture really pop.

By the way, since this image is transparent, there are technically 5 colors (transparency counts as a color). The pink on the nail is very difficult to see, but if the skin tone is a bit darker, that should actually help that.

It's clear you're dedicated to this craft and more than willing to make friends and learn. The spirit you bring to this website is lovely, so I hope my criticism doesn't discourage you. 

Here is an edit I made where I haven't changed any of the clusters (except on the nail), only the colors. It's probably best that you don't continue to use sel-out on these pictures; with a colored background, it can work, but it's tough to pull off on a transparent one.

Pheno @ 8/10/2017 19:03 commented on Atenus

The cast shadow looks worse than I thought it would on a dark background, but I am not going to change it because making this gif took so long.

Pheno @ 7/20/2017 23:56 commented on Sansy Devito

I like this, but at the same time, I hate this. You know?

Pheno @ 7/18/2017 21:34 commented on tile test

neat concept, but almost impossible to read/interpret.

Pheno @ 7/17/2017 15:45 commented on where wolf? there wolf!

Yeah, this looks much better. In future pieces like this, I'd add an in-between silhouette to kind of bridge the gap between the two creatures and make the transformation smoother. Really good shading and textures here.

Pheno @ 7/17/2017 14:53 commented on Vivi from FF9

Gennoveus is right. Unfortunately, the use of soft brushes does disqualify this from being pixel art, meaning this can't be accepted into the gallery in its current form. For sprites of this size, I'd recommend sticking to just the pencil and fill bucket (and turning off anti-aliasing if necessary).

Pheno @ 7/17/2017 14:50 commented on what does the fox say

At the framerate this uses, the transforming animation is not very convincing. If you doubled or tripled the framerate and had the idle animations hold on their frames for twice or three times as long, that could help with the issue.

Pheno @ 7/17/2017 14:48 commented on mantis

I like the look of this. I don't see the point of adding "MANTIS" to the picture, though.

Pheno @ 7/17/2017 14:46 commented on don't stop beweaving

Really dig your style. The warm shading here is really great.

Pheno @ 7/17/2017 14:45 commented on lights touch the earth

The soft, smooth lighting of the background kind of clashes with the aliased, outlined elk. You've also got a lot of colors here that don't really add to the piece, which is a bit of a faux pas. This doesn't stop the actual art from being eye-catching and tasty, though.