Iceberg @ 7/20/2016 02:03 commented on Girl Named Val

She's cute!

Iceberg @ 7/11/2016 10:53 commented on Big Bird

Many thanks!

I've actually already submitted a news post which tells bare minimum of what needs to be known and links to the more detailed post on TIGSource and also actually have already created threads here on PJ forum and Pixelation, albeit with no mention of this little action yet since I want to get some feedback first.
The weekly challenge idea sounds like tons of fun actually, and there are no real restrictions aside from the canvas' 128x64 size and my reluctance to see any sensitive content on the canvas itself; however, I don't know if I can ask for such a thing since I can't even offer anything for the winners and participants aside from their names mentioned in game's credits - the whole project exists solely on the basis of our commitment.

Iceberg @ 7/11/2016 08:36 commented on Big Bird

Thanks for the replies and sorry for not knowing of such a function, I'm just not that familiar with the functions of the site.

Iceberg @ 7/11/2016 06:18 commented on Big Bird

Hey guys,

So I am starting a little action to help pixel artists and fellow devs promote themselves within my game project 

Any idea which of the administration members I can contact to maybe get it onto the news page here? I think some members of the community might be very much interested in my proposal

Iceberg @ 4/30/2016 05:28 commented on Loli?

It is done!

Iceberg @ 10/17/2015 00:03 commented on Revolver Ocelot

Revolver Ocelot

Iceberg @ 8/9/2015 02:55 commented on Bone Zone


Iceberg @ 7/5/2015 11:35 commented on Ernie & Bert

Oh you.                      

Iceberg @ 2/16/2015 13:52 commented on Gurl

Thanks for the comment!

And yeah, I still can't quite get the hair right, so I struggle with it pretty much every time it's not flat :Р

Iceberg @ 11/26/2014 11:41 commented on Big Bird
May I ask for help of the community members?
Once I found a very nice set of graphics for an RPG/strategy which looked kinda like HoMM3 here in the PG gallery. It included several terrain/building/decoration tiles, GUI and font sprites. The problem is I can not find it now 'cause I don't even remember it's name :P Any suggestions of what could it be?

Iceberg @ 10/20/2014 01:14 commented on Nuckelavee

Nuckelavee, oh Nuckelavee,

You're big and evil and heinous!

Iceberg @ 8/18/2014 02:15 commented on Stolz - Schovel Knight style

I am not sure that i have the right word in my English vocabulary, let's just say that SK's gameplay is way too sloppy and - um, secondary? - to be considered good for me and I do not understand why everyone is so hyped about it. :P

Iceberg @ 8/16/2014 23:57 commented on Stolz - Schovel Knight style

You have done well in imitating Shovel Knight's style, but, if this will ever become a game, please try not to imitate it's crappy gameplay :P

Iceberg @ 8/9/2014 06:00 commented on Generic bad guy

@Mandrill, AirStyle
Thanks! The idea about animated hair sound really good too, I'll try to realize it.

Whynot's dark skin areas around the eyes are even darker and larger irl :P

Iceberg @ 5/13/2014 12:29 commented on Big Red One

Congrats, you have perfectly managed with this awful palette.

Iceberg @ 3/17/2014 14:40 commented on Each one with an own personality

We do.

Iceberg @ 3/9/2014 11:23 commented on sofa, armchair, bookshelves

That chair is great.

Iceberg @ 3/5/2014 12:53 commented on Swamp Bear

This thing gives me the creeps.

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Iceberg @ 1/27/2014 19:01 commented on Penguin novel.


Iceberg @ 1/27/2014 08:00 commented on single-seated spherically shaped tank

I see the winner.

Iceberg @ 1/26/2014 19:52 commented on sprites

Nice base.

Iceberg @ 1/17/2014 13:00 commented on In captivity tentacles

Looks like Lunar just accidentally ticked the checkbox.

Iceberg @ 1/10/2014 06:50 commented on Secret Santa to Argyle!

Leave the preview pic as it is, lol.

Iceberg @ 1/1/2014 13:31 commented on Dood, Forever Dancing