Doppleganger @ 8/23/2018 12:10 commented on Seals of Fence 2.0

10/10 would buy

Doppleganger @ 4/4/2018 15:22 commented on Ninja Shark

These competitions are the worst...

How many man hours from artists will they take away for free, for a $1000 prize? My guess is well over the $1000 they are offering. Everyone participating and sharing are giving away free advertisement and man hours for a company that's just taking advantage of them for the aforementioned. 

Whenever there is an art competition where the cost of entry is free and the prize is shoddy, all I can think about is the company exploiting the artist community for their own benefit.

Doppleganger @ 3/15/2018 15:09 commented on Magentadrium

i'm with flea, excellent composition! Really like the contrast in the magenta and cyan, and how eloquently you rendered the little hairs. 

Doppleganger @ 3/1/2018 10:58 commented on MissingNo.

Great stuff!

Doppleganger @ 2/26/2018 15:00 commented on Truth

lol yeah no problem!

At first it was just the purple white n blue palette that gave me the tetris vibe, but after considering the comment the whole composition could be like a visual representation of what is going through a player's mind while playing a game of tetris. 

Doppleganger @ 2/26/2018 14:58 commented on Trees trees trees!

I approve of time spent on doggo! 

Doppleganger @ 2/25/2018 09:01 commented on Truth

Always love your abstract work and minimal, subdued, yet bold use of color. So much expression going on. This one gives me strong vibes of level 7 on tetris

Doppleganger @ 2/24/2018 07:25 commented on Trees trees trees!

Nice work! I especially love the top row, and the far right yellow tree in second row is exceptionally magical!

P.S. Your doggo roguelike on twitter is a delight to follow, and I dream of the day I can play it in full. 

Doppleganger @ 2/14/2018 19:56 commented on Flame effects!

Ya agree on the pink washing out. Also tried using yellow as start of highlight, but the way the tear-shape is shaded it gives it a sorta flat look, and loses some of the heat.

At the end of the day I think, I think you did an excellent job utilizing the palette, but I'm also happy for the discussion and exercise to come from my misjudging of it.

As for the yellow being a bit outside the ramp(s) in general, I can see where you're coming from, it's definitely the most vibrant of all colors, and even the white has a muted tone comparatively. That being said, fire is quite vibrant, so without that yellow it might end up feeling too cold, and not quite like fire. 

Doppleganger @ 2/13/2018 21:33 commented on Flame effects!

Ah yeah, my bad! Totally missed the DB32 part. Given that ur using DB32, I completely agree w/ the color ramp, especially w/ the black bg. Appreciate your politeness in bringing that to my attention. 

Since it was ignorant cc i figured i may as well give an edit using the palette a shot. Got carried away n did a couple few extra renditions. Fire on left, followed by; psychedelic, candy/valentines, poison/noxious, earth. 

Doppleganger @ 2/11/2018 16:58 commented on Flame effects!

Okay, I can at least do one frame. 

(from left to right) shadow color edits; bg color edit; original

BG edit isn't that great of an example, originally went with a teal to accentuate the warmth, but the shades are a bit desaturated, so the teal didn't really pull out the red. A deep, slightly desaturated maroon was the best I could come up with.

Doppleganger @ 2/11/2018 16:49 commented on Flame effects!

Absolutely! I think the main thing is that the shadow colors are in the brown range, and they start to blend into or dictate the highlights and midtones. If the shades were more a deep red, and the whites/yellows stayed the same blending into that deep red over the midtones then I think it would give off more of a fire vibe. I'd do a quick edit, but I don't know an efficient way to do a palette swap on a whole slew of single frames. 

Doppleganger @ 2/11/2018 12:13 commented on Caap Land

Nice use of the lighter values on the snow. Great example of making the palette work for you. 

Doppleganger @ 2/11/2018 10:22 commented on Hammer Guy

Cool little anim!

I can't help but feel the table and shadow moving down 1px with the hammer hit ruins the weight of everything. It'd make more sense if the table/shadow stayed in place and then the recoil of the hammer hit makes the table pop up a pixel or two before falling back in place. Also some subtle movement on the sword itself would be nice.

Also agree w/ the arm bending backwards. If you try and bend your arm back, the elbow can only rotate about 90° perpendicular to the head and neck. Any further and you'd most likely dislocate your shoulder. 

Doppleganger @ 2/11/2018 10:16 commented on Flame effects!

Awesome effects, but the palette gives feelings of earth and honey far more than that of flames. With the right environmental color context it may appear more like fire, though, so I can't say that it's incorrect or anything. Either way, the animations are very well done. 

Doppleganger @ 2/11/2018 10:13 commented on Bitter bombing

For those not sure and not reading the wiki article...

Monochromatic = 1 hue, and varying colors based on tint(white) and shades(black). 
Tone is also included, but is simply a mix of black/white added to the hue (ie; gray). 

Above is an acceptable array of colors to choose from.

Doppleganger @ 2/3/2018 19:07 commented on Diddy Kong

So you can use vertically stacked 2 pixel width lines to create iso lines/shapes?

I feel like there is a ton of wiggle room to avoid the restrictions entirely. Only restriction i'm really seeing is that the lines themselves have to be deliberate, and any sort of fills need to not have single pixels that don't form a line themselves. 

I guess there's still challenge in that, but the rules are a lot more intimidating/seemingly restrictive than they actually are. 

Doppleganger @ 1/6/2018 08:58 commented on Shadows of Adam Monster Compilation

Great work! Shadows of Adam wouldn't be what it was without your talent!

Doppleganger @ 12/7/2017 19:13 commented on light practice 2

So is this still ongoing? I was gonna do an entry but got slammed w/ work and then an unfortunate neck injury. If it's still going on i might try n put something together.

Doppleganger @ 12/5/2017 15:33 commented on Fatal Flash Menu

Nice smooth pixels. Seems like vector would be a more efficient choice of medium, but in this case I'm glad it's not, because these clean crisp pixels are gorgeous. 

Doppleganger @ 12/5/2017 15:32 commented on Arthas

I thought this looked familiar, it carries on that awesome vibe u established in your new tristram mock up. Great work!

Doppleganger @ 12/5/2017 15:30 commented on Love is all

Nice palette and composition. Captures the warmth of the characters and the waning days of autumn perfectly.

Doppleganger @ 9/3/2017 10:30 commented on Rainy Fall

nice colors and shapes!

Doppleganger @ 9/1/2017 23:53 commented on Monolith

nice lighting!

Doppleganger @ 8/1/2017 21:45 commented on bullshit shrine thing

Nice! Gorgeous pixels! I too admire the amount of effort you put into getting the perfect scene. Lovely clusters and textures, even if some of it is unfinished/lacks polish.

Oh and the lighting and colors are top notch!