Trollabit @ 9/26/2020 09:56 commented on Queen of Fighters

lol good one

looking forward to see more from you

Trollabit @ 8/7/2020 16:41 commented on Big Bird

what discord servers do you recommend?

Trollabit @ 3/8/2014 17:29 commented on Big Bird

Hello, folks! :)

Just passing by to wish you a good day/afternoon/night.

Trollabit @ 11/19/2012 09:05 commented on Desk

Ahhh, the fresh breeze of the 70's/80's...

Trollabit @ 9/24/2012 11:45 commented on Big Bird

I'm thinking in and idea to draw a samba night club, with neon lights, wide window view to NY's gorgeous skyline, sofisticated furniture, beautiful people and lot's of colorful and tantalizing drinks. Let's work.

Trollabit @ 9/24/2012 11:31 commented on Isominecraft

I liked it very much.

Trollabit @ 9/17/2012 10:01 commented on The forbidden gardens

Love it.

Trollabit @ 9/17/2012 09:39 commented on Gangnam Style


Trollabit @ 9/17/2012 09:33 commented on Intergalactic Criminals

5sqs. for the badassity of the piece.

Trollabit @ 9/17/2012 09:29 commented on Walls

Pretty cool stuff. Plus, excellent nickname, she is a very interesting history subject inside the Latinity field.

Trollabit @ 9/17/2012 09:27 commented on Tribal Hero

This is just wonderful. I'm trying to be at least 10% as good as you in this business.

Trollabit @ 9/17/2012 09:25 commented on Blood Cultist


Trollabit @ 9/17/2012 09:22 commented on Ikan the Fisher Girl

Nice groove she has. ;)

Trollabit @ 9/13/2012 16:06 commented on Doctor Octopus

let's cooperate

Trollabit @ 9/13/2012 15:38 commented on Yokai

Pretty much like the "frevo" dancers in Brazil. Frevo dancers dresses much like the way your Yokai does, but with more colors, and they do have umbrellas too, but they're a little bit shorter than that "karakasa"; it's like a "dance instrument". They're a part of brazilian culture, northeastern culture, to be more precise.

The quality of the drawing is wonderful. Congratulations. Don't take too many geological eras to post, cos' you're really good