Froggy-Art @ 11/10/2012 04:21 commented on Treacherous sea

I am really amused by this. The textures are unbelievable. Truely wonderful style.

Froggy-Art @ 11/10/2012 04:16 commented on Fall Tree

I like the technique.. Simple yet really effective.

Froggy-Art @ 10/30/2012 14:18 commented on Silly walk

Was listening to some old dub and this came in like I ordered it. Perfect meeting of visual and auditory rythms. :)

Froggy-Art @ 10/30/2012 14:09 commented on Am I Seeing Things?

This is wonderful. All your works are awesome, and concepts simple yet entertaining. Anyways, I won't spam you with faves and comments anymore. :)

Froggy-Art @ 10/30/2012 14:00 commented on Naga Jack O' Lantern

yes hard to recognize but fabulous work! :)

Froggy-Art @ 10/30/2012 13:52 commented on Scarlet Witch

hey, can I make wide pixels (double pixels that are doubled horizontally)?

Froggy-Art @ 10/28/2012 04:35 commented on Froggy in pixel space.

What did you think it was? Toad's head in the universe, you would never guess if I didn't told you so hehe..
About the colours, it's just a taste thing. There are many other colour shemes for this particular piece but I like the red to deep purple the most, so I put it here. I've used this dithering technique before, but now I made it a lil' bit more complicated (before I just used squares and dots).
Anyways there is a lot work this needs but will not get, I have many more ideas for pix art, this seems like a waste of time. I'll keep it comin' soon.