Bluebox @ 8/9/2013 21:10 commented on unhealthy dinner choices

 OOhhhhhhh, the vic viper!!! XD

Bluebox @ 8/9/2013 21:05 commented on GUNDAM ENDLESS STORY SEED OF UNIVERSAL UNICORNS

 ok, then.

Bluebox @ 7/24/2013 07:31 commented on GUNDAM ENDLESS STORY SEED OF UNIVERSAL UNICORNS

 OOOh, I love Gundam and also your style! XD

Bluebox @ 5/24/2013 08:13 commented on Sg. Helga The Axis

 Oh my goodness...

Bluebox @ 3/16/2013 05:35 commented on Spiral Knight

 hmm. glad to see you! I'm a SK player, too!

well, I wonder what helmet actually your knight equip.

Bluebox @ 3/15/2013 17:42 commented on Something About Us

  OOOhh, I love the song! and your pixel art!! XD

I'm so glad to meet someone who like this song!

Bluebox @ 3/15/2013 16:57 commented on Sunflower and a hamster

 I wonder why do you think like that.

Bluebox @ 2/28/2013 04:57 commented on Cat people

This is REALLY interesting!

Bluebox @ 2/27/2013 07:44 commented on Alice Bluebird

r1k /// hmm, I didn't know about it and thanks!

Bluebox @ 2/27/2013 07:37 commented on B the Robot

orange08 /// What do you mean? I mean I don't know what does 'remain' exactly mean. I'm sorry but I'm not really good at English.  :P

Bluebox @ 2/27/2013 07:35 commented on B the Robot

Hapiel /// Yeah, I really really got impressed by cave story(or Daisuke Amaya a.k.a. Pixel's) style.

Bluebox @ 2/26/2013 20:11 commented on Rockocroco

OMG it's so cute and funny! XD

Bluebox @ 2/23/2013 23:25 commented on I will never let you go

A2J2TIWARI// Haha, I'm flattered! Thanks!

Bluebox @ 2/22/2013 21:16 commented on Remmy

 ADrawingMan//Yeah, I wanted to, but failed. :(

Bluebox @ 2/12/2013 21:38 commented on Robot wants to play

Totally, Awesome.

Bluebox @ 2/12/2013 20:14 commented on Modan(new design)

Connor// Thank you for the advices and compliments. Well, I think I have to change the outfit again. :P

pmoth// Oh, I'll try shading with some purples and AA next time, thanks!

MikauKahn// hehe thanks!

atpalicis// I'm glad you like the colors!

Bluebox @ 2/12/2013 19:03 commented on Modan(new design)

edit : umm, anyone knows how to delete the comment?

Bluebox @ 2/5/2013 01:47 commented on Modan

Ok I got it. I just tried new style from me.

Bluebox @ 2/4/2013 20:41 commented on Modan

Actually it's 1x scale. Thanks for the advice about the lineart!

Bluebox @ 2/4/2013 19:34 commented on Morphine with a Shotgun

Nice style! But the background color is a bit annoying.

Bluebox @ 2/4/2013 06:58 commented on Modan

  Ooookay, I changed his name. It's anagram of 'nomad'.

Thanks for the correct, MikauKahn!

Bluebox @ 2/4/2013 01:36 commented on Modan

hmm I didn't know that. But I can't understand Kahn or Khan is 'cow-thing' name.

Actually, he is a member of nomads so at first I got inspired from some mogolian names like Genghis Khan.


Bluebox @ 2/3/2013 15:49 commented on Modan

Is there any problem with spelling or something?

ok, well, I'll change the his name's spelling a little bit.

Bluebox @ 2/3/2013 15:44 commented on A blue lonely isalnd

Thanks guys!

Well, I wanted to use minimal colors and express a  nice shading with them.

Bluebox @ 2/1/2013 02:49 commented on Shark Fighter

 ooh, nice pose and clear colors!