Aztarium @ 10/8/2016 10:24 commented on Tasha - Blacksmith Cosplay

yay, keep up with the good work!

Aztarium @ 10/8/2016 10:18 commented on Megumin

hahah, agreed man

Aztarium @ 10/2/2016 13:04 commented on Tasha - Blacksmith Cosplay

it's very good, but i think the "glasses" are too big, i thought it was a pirate hat when i first saw it, anyways, good job, man! (oh, and i'm brazillian too, nice to meet you )

Aztarium @ 5/26/2016 11:24 commented on Axe < > Sven

Hellboy, is that you?!

very nice, tho

Aztarium @ 12/12/2015 10:04 commented on Weapon Dealer

@skamocore well, it's a shady weapon dealer

Aztarium @ 1/5/2015 07:24 commented on Pixel Dailies - 04.01.15 - Metal Slug

nice, i liked the character

Aztarium @ 7/14/2014 13:09 commented on Three Skeletons

the spear is kinda strange, it doesn't look straight at all, it should be more cylindrical, it's looking very jagged and bent... also, i don't think its spine would have such difference in terms of light, since light would pass through the ribs, so it would be a bit visible for us, and instead of just black, you'd have areas of penumbra...

other than that, it's a fine piece, i liked the design, specially the texture of the robe over their shoulders 

Aztarium @ 7/9/2014 23:19 commented on Gathering Machine

thanks... i tried to get the depth clearer by improving the lower part of the dunes, i must admit that i tried to add the lightest color before, but it either gets too jaggy or too detailed to the point that it seems like ground, and not relief anymore.

As for the scene, i thought of a connection that might seem convincing when making the piece. It can be abandoned there in the desert, because as i said: something went very wrong with it. The machine just doesn't gather as it's meant to do so people threw it in a desert 'cause no one could deactivate it properly.

But again, 'twas just something i thought when making that piece, in the end it's just there because i wanted to, no special motive whatsoever, i imagined the scene that way. 

Aztarium @ 3/15/2014 09:22 commented on blue tower of power

sorry to answer this now, but... yea, pillow shading is bad unless you need something that is pillow shaded, like a pillow (duh), some metal board maybe, idk, but most of the time it makes your art confusing, so it's something to avoid.
Usually what you have to do is to define a light source and work based on that, these tutorials might be somewhat helpful

and about the color counting, i remember someone posted a site that does it in the comunity, i won't have the link now, but most of the tools for pixel art have it...

I hope it helped 

Aztarium @ 7/21/2013 15:02 commented on blue tower of power

 you used to much colors... the maximum was 16, and things are pillow shaded =/ nice concept though 

Aztarium @ 4/4/2013 19:50 commented on The Guy

 @Bohnz he's The Guy, the "mascot" from the band Disturbed, it's on the description .

Aztarium @ 3/28/2013 17:33 commented on The Guy

@sjhw1a trying to fix him now, thanks for your criticism .
edit: fixed! hope it's kay now

Aztarium @ 3/11/2013 09:18 commented on Pyro witch

 reminds me of annie, from league of legends, nice job.

Aztarium @ 2/19/2013 09:20 commented on Elisa - Uniform

 I really liked the game, reminds me of the Snes old school games i love, couldn't pass level 4, too strong for me 
nice game, awesome art. 

Aztarium @ 2/7/2013 15:34 commented on Travel Form

 thanks for the feedback, really didn't notice, i reuploaded fixing it. It's based on a screenshot taken from durotar... too much reliefs there... 

Aztarium @ 12/18/2012 14:24 commented on Hell Chaser

 thanks for the comments guys

@CobaltHex yea, i really didn't make the shadow from the light source for it...
@melanie thanks man, glad you liked it 

Aztarium @ 12/7/2012 18:10 commented on Snes

 haha ok, thanks, i apreciate it ||||.

Aztarium @ 12/6/2012 18:27 commented on Snes

 Thanks man, i will post it again with transparent corners 

Aztarium @ 12/6/2012 18:19 commented on Water

 thanks, i might try it, i never tried to make iso though, but it's a good idea, thanks