Exitium @ 12/7/2008 09:52 commented on Throned
Lol! Sorry I had to change it :P
Those who are looking for a laugh the "suggestive" version is here:

Exitium @ 12/7/2008 09:20 commented on Throned
Arrow-1: Haha, yeah I noticed just when I submited it :P

Exitium @ 10/24/2007 16:01 commented on The Gunner
Updated his left arm, hopefully it looks better now :P
You can see the old version in the preview pic.

Exitium @ 10/24/2007 12:20 commented on The Gunner
M.E. - Hm... in what way is he off balance? I was kinda trying to make him lean back a little so that he could pull up and aim with his armgun, while having his left leg to balance him so he'd not fall over. Would be nice to know what you mean so I can fix it.. since I cant really see what you mean :/

Exitium @ 10/24/2007 11:30 commented on The Gunner
Actually I'm just converting it to grayscale for the preview pic, just to give my gallery some good looks :P
Thanks for your comments I appreciate it!

Exitium @ 7/28/2007 18:06 commented on Ogre HeadHunter
Updated once again. I did as you said, Hatch, and colored  the skulls like the hair. It looks much better now. :9

Exitium @ 7/28/2007 09:11 commented on Ogre HeadHunter
FrankieSmileShow; Hehe yes I was thinking the same about the toes, I guess I wanted him to differ a bit from the ussual human anatomical features. Anyway I updated it now. 2 extra toes on each foot! :P
Cheers for the comments everyone!

Exitium @ 7/23/2007 15:57 commented on PainBot
Thanks for your comments everyone!
Turbo, thanks! thats the feel I was going for, so that really means alot. :)

Exitium @ 7/6/2007 13:35 commented on Mega Chick X
Oh, crap thanks for telling me, I didnt realize that :/

-edit- Hopefully its fixed now :P

Exitium @ 5/11/2007 17:09 commented on The joy of bad living
Thanks,Gas!  As for the teeth they were intentional. I was going for something different than my normal style, something stylish. :P

And as for that lit-from-below challenge. I see what you mean. I cant deny that I was inspired by some of the submissions made during that challenge.

Anyway I really appreciate the critique. That's something I need more of. :)

edited the teeths a bit. Hopefully they look a bit better now. :)

Exitium @ 4/28/2007 04:19 commented on ilkke in the woods
I love the colors and the perspective! The colors blend so cool it gives you that foresty feeling and atmosphere! Excellent work!

Exitium @ 12/31/2006 05:42 commented on Maneater
I agree about the white background.. I thought it was transparent when I uploaded it, but I guess I was wrong. ;P
Now that I think about it. It would look much better on a dark BG - will give it an edit and see how it goes.