Hipshot @ 6/7/2015 15:05 commented on Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - Colosseum (NES Demake)

That is beautiful.

Hipshot @ 5/15/2015 00:55 commented on Faces

@ CELS: The pixel art quality of Homm2 is why I can never decide if I like Homm3 more than Homm2, even if Homm3 really is the supperior game. Homm2 is also a great insipration for me, the colors and how all the themes work so well together.

Hipshot @ 5/14/2015 06:24 commented on Intropicture

I love that grass!

Hipshot @ 5/12/2015 23:00 commented on Isometree

It could be the Death Star =)

Hipshot @ 11/14/2013 01:16 commented on Hammerwatch Steam Badges

It's for the game - I'm the co-creator and primary level designer/artist. I planed to post my pixel art graphics under the development, but I kinda forgot to do it, so I figured I might as well start posting it now =)