BaconusMaximus @ 2/6/2013 19:54 commented on Revolver

I like it!

minor suggestion: try it without the dithering on the cylinder; I think a sharper gradient might give it a more metallic look. 

BaconusMaximus @ 2/4/2013 17:36 commented on GameBear

Looks great.  Fantastic animation, and I love the grass.

BaconusMaximus @ 2/1/2013 17:02 commented on A blue lonely isalnd

Great shading, especially for only two colors.  Great job!

BaconusMaximus @ 1/27/2013 15:22 commented on Pixel army

Alright, your call.

Honestly I like the original more, with a single large highlight.  It's not a very big deal. 

BaconusMaximus @ 1/26/2013 15:35 commented on Pixel army

These things have a great look.  I like.  :)

The only thing I would change is the highlights on the wheeled vehicles' wheels... they look a little concave, tire and all.  Maybe add fenders?

BaconusMaximus @ 1/25/2013 17:03 commented on Weapon design #2 - 100 swords

I like these.  Great variety and coloring, nice job!

BaconusMaximus @ 1/9/2013 18:55 commented on bee bee bee

Great colors and great style, I really like this one.

BaconusMaximus @ 1/9/2013 18:27 commented on a pile of guns

Thanks for the comments. :)

MikauKahn: you might be thinking of the MAC series; the basic Uzi has a folding stock.  This one is supposed to be a side-folder like on the Mini-Uzi, and well, it's a fictional gun anyway..  :)

BaconusMaximus @ 1/9/2013 18:25 commented on 13 rpg enemies

I really like your use of black here.  Great style.

BaconusMaximus @ 1/9/2013 18:20 commented on castle ruins

I really like this.  Especially the floor.

My only suggestion would be to spread the green moss around a little more.  Maybe use dithering to make it fainter over the walls and wooden beams?

BaconusMaximus @ 1/7/2013 20:22 commented on White Knight

Great animation.  And the proportions look just right for a cute, cartoony look - I think a cape would actually detract from them a little.

BaconusMaximus @ 1/7/2013 19:18 commented on Jellyfish dream

Great lighting.  I love it.

BaconusMaximus @ 1/7/2013 18:37 commented on La Damoiselle

Skin texture caught my eye, too.  That looks unhealthy....

And really well drawn.

BaconusMaximus @ 1/7/2013 17:50 commented on Sloth

Nice design!  I also really like the beveled glass effect you have on the preview version.

BaconusMaximus @ 1/7/2013 16:15 commented on Weapons & Itens

The trigger area of the M-16 looks slightly off.. like the trigger opening goes all the way to the back of the grip.  It's minor but I just can't unsee it.  :D

Aside from that, this all looks great.

BaconusMaximus @ 1/7/2013 15:59 commented on trees

I joined this site specifically to get reference for pixel art trees, and this is one of the best images here.  Just awesome.