Eggy @ 7/29/2020 05:23 commented on Pidgeot

Oooh that sounds like fun :0

Eggy @ 7/19/2020 13:09 commented on 2020

Wow this is sick! Almost doesn't even look like simple pixel art anymore! Well done, godlike work 

Eggy @ 7/10/2020 14:13 commented on Big Bird

Wait there are people still making games for the Gameboy? Awe to the some

Eggy @ 6/23/2020 03:12 commented on In an alternate dimension...

Thanks Geci! I think at least part of the reason why is because I've been doing regular art for a while using a graphics tablet with a screen and I've been trying to pay attention to the pixels that I place. It's such a breeze with the tablet 

Eggy @ 6/15/2020 02:44 commented on Jona's Monster

That's pretty sweet! I see this is only your second piece here, how are you so good already? Is there some other place where you're posting your art? I must say I'm feeling envious lol 

You got my vote and fav for sure.

Eggy @ 6/9/2020 02:33 commented on Pixelween entry no. 1

Nice, thanks Geci 

Eggy @ 6/8/2020 13:17 commented on Pixelween entry no. 1

I love this type of challenge, hopefully I'll make something. The drawing can serve as a sketch to draw over (as far as I've seen for the past challenges), correct?

Eggy @ 5/5/2020 00:12 commented on The Mask

I fear you're too late :( And it's a pity, this is a pretty nice pic

Eggy @ 5/1/2020 11:31 commented on The Mask of Loki

Ooooh this is pretty fabulous! Nice to see ya Jinn 

Eggy @ 12/22/2019 04:18 commented on Big Bird

Guess I might need to get it too eventually so I can look at all the masterpieces and probably even learn from them :)

Eggy @ 11/5/2019 02:31 commented on Meetlet

Can the sprite be animated to show a real-world animal evolving into the evolved form, and if so, can that animation show more than one evolved form?

Eggy @ 10/22/2019 13:15 commented on Porky and Giygas

Freaky! I like a lot 

Eggy @ 10/20/2019 06:04 commented on Big Bird

Yello! I am 22 today :D

Eggy @ 10/15/2019 22:51 commented on QuakeBoy

Ooooo this looks so nice! I see Dopefish in the corner x)

Eggy @ 8/14/2019 00:51 commented on Beer


"Increases VIGOR by 20 and inflicts confusion after 3 turns."

Eggy @ 6/3/2019 10:16 commented on Chav street

Oooo, nightmare fuel! How could I resist????

The only thing that stands in my way though is motivation, amount of free time, and the possibility of me forgetting about it XD

Eggy @ 5/29/2019 11:12 commented on Old Computer

I'm afraid you're too late for the re-animator challenge :( This shows up in the new Crayola weekly challenge.

Eggy @ 4/18/2019 00:42 commented on Fire Pagoda

Blaziken happens to be one of my favorites too! Another fav of mine is Weavile x)

Love your stuff btw!

Eggy @ 3/30/2019 05:47 commented on CHALLENGE 3/25/2019 Tiny Monsters - Mind Flayer

Really nice sprite! Though the sprite's background is black and the challenge calls for transparency :(

Eggy @ 3/27/2019 23:55 commented on The Wee Blue Ranger

I was actually planning on creating something :O

As a matter of fact there are sometimes challenges I want to do - the problem is that I either forget or lose motivation, or I give up midways because I'm no pixel master and I already have so many participation ribbons :')

Eggy @ 3/25/2019 13:16 commented on Big Bird

Oooooh! I'm torn between entering and not entering. On one hand I've been hoping for a chance to join a Hexquisite collab, and on the other the animation part sounds both fun and challenging for a person like me :'))))

Eggy @ 2/7/2019 01:56 commented on Copycat Appears

[cue More Mischievous Blues playing in my head while looking at this]

Eggy @ 1/11/2019 11:22 commented on Big Bird

If that's the case, then I'm affected too because I can't see some comments either 

Eggy @ 12/25/2018 11:49 commented on Mischievous Mr. Owl

I know I said it in the thread on Pixelation but I'll say it again, I really love how you did this  So adorable and morbid!

Also something I had forgotten to mention was that I dig the little blood stains on the talons and wings. I think it's an amazing touch 

Eggy @ 12/20/2018 00:31 commented on Some EagleIsland Backgrounds

Awesome! Very happy to see some more backgrounds from EI on PJ courtesy of you  Godlike work!

And I didn't even notice you uploaded it until I saw a familiar looking thumbnail under weekly showcase just now lol