Gillespionage @ 3/5/2014 02:06 commented on Friends


It's like a higly evolved version of one of mine

Yours is superb :)

Gillespionage @ 8/22/2013 04:40 commented on Irkalla _mc_01

 This is wicked :)

I appreciated it more after seeing the rest of the art on here though

Those Mockups look beautiful!

Gillespionage @ 8/21/2013 02:20 commented on Lanky Run

 Thanks guys :D

Gillespionage @ 3/18/2013 01:43 commented on female dance


Great animation for this game. Well done!

When is it out?

Gillespionage @ 3/18/2013 01:42 commented on Maschinen Krieger, P.K.A. Ausf. G GUSTAV

 Great colours! 

Gillespionage @ 3/18/2013 01:41 commented on Dungeon Dashers Logo

 woah! that fire is amazing

Gillespionage @ 3/18/2013 01:40 commented on Winter Scouts


Gillespionage @ 2/17/2013 07:23 commented on Bernie

 Wow, super smooth! nice one 

Gillespionage @ 2/9/2013 06:44 commented on Jump Boy

 Hahaha yeah it's super old this one. And I do like things that are drawn quite badly. I often imitate kids drawings :)

So things like a wonky hand or fingers I often like to leave wonky as it gives an innocence to the image. As with kids drawings. Though I guess that could be seen as a cop out. haha

But yeah, you're right. His right hand totally spazzed! 

Gillespionage @ 2/8/2013 02:27 commented on Re:Chrono Trigger (Part 1)

 Ah you're missing Frog! hehe
He is easily my favourite character.

Nice stuff though. Is this just for fun? or are you making your own spin off?

Gillespionage @ 2/7/2013 00:38 commented on Gowe's Ship

 Wow.. I can't get my head around how you did this. Did you use a 3D model as reference?

Gillespionage @ 2/6/2013 02:29 commented on GameBear


Gillespionage @ 2/6/2013 02:07 commented on Legend of Iya. Bearos walk cycle.

 Really nice! I love the floppy finger :D haha

Gillespionage @ 2/5/2013 03:47 commented on Dino Grump

 Thanks guys!

This is a few years old this one. Probably the first piece of pixel art I ever did.

Colour has never been a strong point of mine but I'll definitely try and be more adventurous with my next one :)

Gillespionage @ 2/4/2013 10:04 commented on Run Dude

 Reminds me of Jackie Chan in Project A for some reason :D

It's a really cute style. I like it 

Gillespionage @ 2/2/2013 10:41 commented on The Great Outdoors

 @Friend @Cecimen
Ok gotcha. I'll spend more time chcking out the image at 100% from now on.

Thanks for the advice guys!   It's super appreciated

Thanks hannahjap. I love silhouettes and mountains :). I originally drew them facing towards us. It looked nice but then I just wondered what it'd be like with them facing the other way and I much prefered it 
Here's a simalr thing I did with a styleframe for another project

Gillespionage @ 2/2/2013 10:35 commented on Ninja Gaiden

 Okidoki. I think I just need to look at stuff at 100% more often. The small shadows and highlights I have put in look ok when zoomed in :)
I just changed above the eye and on the chin. Not sure if it's updated it yet though..

Gillespionage @ 1/31/2013 09:59 commented on Lurking In The Woods

 Super cool 

Gillespionage @ 1/31/2013 09:57 commented on The Great Outdoors


Gotcha! I was confused by the 100pixel limit in the first box, then the option for a larger image in the second. Now I understand
- Make an image of whatever size you like
- Make sure there's a nice little preview bit for the 100x100

Thanks! I'll be putting more up soon 

Gillespionage @ 1/31/2013 03:59 commented on META KNIGHT


That is great!

Gillespionage @ 1/31/2013 03:57 commented on The Great Outdoors


Do you mean the dithering on the sky gradient is too complex? I see what you mean. Kinda looks grubby and banded as you said. I actually didn't spend as much time as I should have viewing it at 100%

Gillespionage @ 1/31/2013 03:53 commented on Scavengers


Got a very Kentucky Route Zero feel to it!