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Like this.

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Pretty much. It's very common for attacks to have "return to position" animations at the end that still let you move out of them. In many cases, it' can also just be a matter of finding the best frame to transition into. For example, a jumping attack may not transition into the first frame of a falling animation, but it may transition fine into the second or third frame.

As for smooth transitions effecting snappiness, it doesn't really need to effect the controls. However, if you make one animation transition perfectly, then any snappy transitions will seem more out of place. So it's sort of a matter of "if I do this here, then I'm probably going to have to do it everywhere too." kind of thing.

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Well, I wouldn't really say that there was a conscious reason for any of it, other than it's what I thought looked right at the time. Although I will say that when it comes to run cycles, I'm more influenced by pixel art than traditional animation. A lot of  pixel art run cycles (megaman x, for example) tended to be very neutral, without much vertical movement, and those are more or less what come to mind when I work.

It may be that it's easier to make a run cycle look smooth with fewer frames when there isn't much as much movement. Animations also transition into each other a bit better when everything is at a consistent level. Of course,  these are reasons that make more sense for a SNES game, where they still had to deal with a lack of memory. On PC, I'm free to do make transitions between animations, and the number of frames isn't really an issue.

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Thanks for the feedback. Though I think if I raised the legs that much, I'd probably make the transition a bit smoother to avoid a "stomping" look. Though, as you said, it was just an example meant to get the point across.

I also noticed from looking at your example that the foreground leg snaps back a little too fast. (in my animation)

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 Dude's gonna need a bigger sheath. (And who knows where he gets it for the master sword in the first place.)

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Ten frames

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Yeah, I think this will be the main character. As for the legs, it's mostly the size of the head that makes it seem off, but even then, they are a bit short.

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 Yeah, I know what you mean. I ended up going back and fixing it after I uploaded this. It was a bit too snappy.