lark @ 2/12/2021 10:23 commented on ToucanMutant

Thanks SwagShaw!

lark @ 2/12/2021 10:22 commented on ToucanMutant

I'm glad you like it :DD

lark @ 3/12/2018 21:16 commented on sandwich

Thanks! <3

lark @ 2/28/2018 05:20 commented on sandwich

ahahhahah I suffered a lot doing it for the same reason, and i was out of bread at home xD

lark @ 2/15/2018 08:07 commented on Cs-Like weapons

True! Fixed it :D

Thanks <3

lark @ 1/23/2016 10:20 commented on Streaker Weapons

Oh man! Sorry! I missed this comment! :V

In fact I had a problem with the loop because the glint hadn't got the same duration in each piece :P

I agree with you. More saturation could be much better for the final look. Especially for those ugly-gray weapons. I'm gonna put it into my long TO-DO list xD

Thank you a lot for the comment and the example <3

lark @ 3/20/2015 13:21 commented on DIE IN HELL

I´m glad for it! :D

lark @ 6/22/2013 08:01 commented on Samurai Running

 I don´t know what are u talking about xD

It´s just my samurai :_

lark @ 5/8/2013 12:09 commented on Scenery

 Good Job!

lark @ 5/7/2013 21:47 commented on Wooden Barrel

Thanks for comment!


Maybe more like this?


PD: I think I reported you by accident when i was trying to reply you. Admins! My fault! :$

lark @ 5/7/2013 20:08 commented on Faerie Dragon Cloak

 Looks really cool :D

lark @ 5/7/2013 20:06 commented on Mermaid

 Nice :D

lark @ 4/24/2013 20:43 commented on Samurai Stand

 Wow Manupix.

Thank you very much for so many tips. Very useful.

My next animation will be better! Swear it!

lark @ 4/11/2013 07:57 commented on Cave Entrance

 Ok. Thanks for the tips.


It´s an 300x480 image cause that is the size of my game background.


But, sorry for resubmit :_)

lark @ 4/10/2013 22:32 commented on Cave Entrance

 Some users told me that I can´t submit it with the sky cause is not pixel art :_


Oh, and it´s the same cave.

lark @ 4/10/2013 20:28 commented on Cave to Level 2

 Thanks! And thanks 4 the info about rules.


I´ve uploaded a new version without the sky :)

lark @ 4/10/2013 07:02 commented on Cave to Level 2

So, my image only can be approved if it is full-pixel art?


PD: Sorry for my english :_D