Emperor_Pixel @ 7/3/2018 22:40 commented on Wendy's

God, the colors are delicious.

Emperor_Pixel @ 7/23/2016 20:33 commented on Eagle Island BGs

These trees are ridiculously well done.

Emperor_Pixel @ 7/6/2016 05:40 commented on Braids

It's a desired effect. The idea is for the colors to feel somewhat strange, because the picture is meant to evoke a dreamy visage. The dark purple shade is not exactly supposed to be "dark", but more like "neon."

Emperor_Pixel @ 4/2/2016 10:43 commented on Tilevania: Pixel's Quest -- Final Battle

I remade the Holy Water item, but I didn't remake the status bar (wasn't the point of the challenge). Though I might, now that you mentioned it.

Emperor_Pixel @ 3/10/2016 23:56 commented on Cyber Shadow - pause menu

I'm absolutelly enamored by how dark this looks.

Emperor_Pixel @ 12/28/2015 21:06 commented on Rigel - Beta Orionis

Gosh I love these shmup mockups son.

Emperor_Pixel @ 12/10/2015 07:09 commented on Bloodstained 2D

Wow, thank you dudes :)

I did post this over the oficial Bloodstained forums, but I'm not sure if the big shots will get to see it,

Emperor_Pixel @ 12/9/2015 12:02 commented on Marcus vs Lucius (rus)

Oh indeed, that's better! The animation in this pose is really interesting and draws attention to what could be inside!

Emperor_Pixel @ 12/9/2015 11:05 commented on Marcus vs Lucius (rus)

Freaking beautiful animation. The preview doesn't do it justice.

Emperor_Pixel @ 11/3/2015 04:48 commented on Incarnation of Evil

Thank you, man. Your feedback means a lot to me :)

Emperor_Pixel @ 10/31/2015 17:15 commented on Incarnation of Evil

Do you mean my PJ Level? I dunno how this thingamajig works :P

Emperor_Pixel @ 4/17/2015 10:21 commented on Starburst Dwarven War-Face

I smell first place....

Emperor_Pixel @ 4/10/2015 19:46 commented on Stain

Cute as a basked of kittens.

Emperor_Pixel @ 4/10/2015 16:29 commented on Cosplay in Transylvania

Now I think I'll have to make a Simon Belmont counterpart to go with this u___u

EDIT: The deed is done.

Emperor_Pixel @ 4/10/2015 00:13 commented on Steel Heart


Is it just me, or this does look like a heart made of glass?

Emperor_Pixel @ 4/10/2015 00:12 commented on Braids

Dear god, this is the stuff of nightmares D:

Emperor_Pixel @ 4/9/2015 16:00 commented on Wood-Troll

The heck? This looks handdrawn!

Emperor_Pixel @ 4/2/2015 22:17 commented on Kamishiro Rize

Damn Suusi, you've come a long way.

Emperor_Pixel @ 2/19/2015 23:17 commented on Farmland game art

I really wish I could unveil the secrets behind your technique, or watch you doing something like this in real time.

Very beautiful.

Emperor_Pixel @ 2/17/2015 13:16 commented on Love found in Death

If someone ever kills pixels, someone will intentionally create a way to replicate pixels on this pixel-less-Minority-Report-dystopia.

Emperor_Pixel @ 2/6/2015 14:10 commented on Khepra Icon

I'm wondering how Jalonso is not all over this sprite.
Nice job!

Emperor_Pixel @ 2/3/2015 05:05 commented on Eye for an Eye

Why haven't you done your own shmup yet? This looks like something straight out of the dark depths of space!

Emperor_Pixel @ 1/29/2015 23:20 commented on Dracula's Spirit

In fact, I did, but it was no easy win. Check out the 2nd place and 3rd place winners. I won mostly because I was able to keep a recognizable Castlevania design for the creature itself. But the other artists put up an excellent competition.

Emperor_Pixel @ 1/29/2015 23:16 commented on Dracula's Spirit

I might do that. Thank you for the insight!

Emperor_Pixel @ 11/21/2014 10:13 commented on MekaBlaster - The first wave

Shoot'em up tha looks amazing + Incredibly crafted art + Making me wanting to play the shit out of it = Instafave