vedsten @ 2/4/2016 07:14 commented on RPG misc

Just for fun, mayby some day I can use them in something ^^

vedsten @ 11/18/2014 16:18 commented on game mockup

Mmm... well proportioned and readable! Too many games fail in these aspects. You customer made a mistake :)

vedsten @ 7/22/2009 01:21 commented on Samurai

Disturbing :o

Digging the animation

vedsten @ 1/7/2009 06:15 commented on Anime Overdose Forest tileset
I think you uploaded the preview image as the actual art too.
Unless of course the actual image says "preview" too

vedsten @ 12/27/2008 17:06 commented on Baby Girl icon
Considering the fact that the only achievement on Calvs end is the dithering (more or less), it's beyond be how he won this.

But congrats to all of you, nice pieces all around

vedsten @ 12/8/2008 17:54 commented on unrealized ideas
Those are all kinds of awesome, gotta say you're turning into one one of my favorite artists, keep it up

vedsten @ 11/24/2008 02:46 commented on Net
Sure,  go crazy!

vedsten @ 10/27/2008 12:31 commented on Zombies!
Thanks w-alligator, and to everybody else for the comments.
I know it must be annoying as this was almost disqualified, I'm sorry :/
Your entry was very cool btw.
@ BBill: I agree, shading is a tad overdone, espc. on the old lady zombie.
@ Adam: Yea, colors would've improved it, My initial idea was to go with a bluish lightsource from right and a yellowish from the molotov, didn't have the time unfortunatly . Nice edit btw.
@ Everyone who mentioned it, yea the lightning could've used some dithering or something to break it up.

vedsten @ 6/3/2008 04:30 commented on The tragic end of Tomato
Composition, colors, idea and execution.. this is all kinds of cool

vedsten @ 5/19/2008 06:51 commented on Endless cavern mockups
your ability to create awesome retro mockups is matched by no one. I think the BG let's this one down a bit (compared to the other ones) but shit, the jewels alone are enough for me to fav. this.
Now go do more!

vedsten @ 5/14/2008 04:10 commented on New Isocity House
shit that's a cool upgrade

vedsten @ 5/1/2008 05:41 commented on Hero - CF Screens
Great, great stuff

vedsten @ 4/17/2008 02:42 commented on Xavier Running (redux)
turned out real sexy!

vedsten @ 4/9/2008 10:36 commented on Game boy mockup 1
shit that's hot, espc. the interface. Sprite-wise readability is an issue tho

vedsten @ 4/4/2008 03:47 commented on Nintendo Game & Watch MultiScreen WallFrame
mmm you've got the perfect retro feel going on here. What's up with that high-sat red BG tho ?

vedsten @ 4/3/2008 03:32 commented on protecteur
The shading and coloring are nothing special, but the animation.. that truly is incredible

vedsten @ 3/21/2008 18:14 commented on Explosion 4
Hot as always. Why is the explosion sliding right tho?

vedsten @ 3/15/2008 04:22 commented on Cat of Gold
Great job. Extra points for not mirroring it!

vedsten @ 3/6/2008 16:51 commented on King Leonidas - Habbo Alteration
This suffers badly from banding
scroll down to helm's post, there's a nice explanation

vedsten @ 2/19/2008 03:40 commented on ancient wars mockup
sprites are superb, background and interface not quite up there. All in all tho, a great piece

vedsten @ 2/11/2008 18:25 commented on Fox
The outer AA will look crappy on  just about any background other than orange - you should change it. The highlights on the body (leg and shoulder) doesn't convey the body shape, they make him look flat. Other than that, nice job

vedsten @ 2/9/2008 07:41 commented on SSBB 2D Mock Up Test
The color count is high on the bg because it's been resampled when you resized it. In any case its really ugly, and drags the whole picture down.
Spraycan tool is never the way to go. Go spend some hours on making a decent backround, and the overall quality of this will improve dramatically.

vedsten @ 2/4/2008 20:15 commented on STOMP STOMP STOMP
this is brilliant, loved in when i saw it at pixelation and still do

vedsten @ 10/8/2006 11:48 commented on van gogh interpretation
Thanks for all the kind comments!

@Fakta - yea, i chose to go w. minimal 1pix AA on the moon, works allright in 1x i believe, but it doesn't look too good zoomed. I'll give it a go when i get sometime on my hands