Muxaun @ 7/2/2015 04:47 commented on Hagotae Logo

for me it reads as hactotae

Muxaun @ 2/23/2015 05:39 commented on Year of the Yang

for me highlights are excellent. like on finely polished wood.

Muxaun @ 2/22/2015 02:26 commented on Wooden Sheep Waves

excellent volume and very cool idea.

but this sheep has no self-shadows. all joints are very odd.

Muxaun @ 2/21/2015 12:19 commented on Wooden Ram

I don't know much about photoshop, but in GIMP there is triangular color picker. I guess there is something like this in PS.

So you just pick your main color and each time you want to make it darker you rotate the triangle closer to blue/purple. Don't be afraid to rotate it too much.

For lighter colors rotate trianlge closer to yellows.

Muxaun @ 2/19/2015 07:35 commented on Wooden Ram

very nice, but:

1. You should not prescale the image. It doesn't fit into challenge size restrictions

2. There is no need to include the palette

3. there are lots of loose white pixels. 

4. The palette is boring a little bit. Try using color shift.

Muxaun @ 2/18/2015 07:14 commented on Red egg.
 It is REALLY strange that one should use addons to suppress bugs in webSite.

Why not fix them in pixeljoint website itself?

Muxaun @ 2/16/2015 01:57 commented on Medley

It is a shame. I liked it.

Muxaun @ 2/16/2015 01:00 commented on Medley

Why didn't Mrmo enter this challenge?

Muxaun @ 2/15/2015 12:58 commented on Menorah GIF

Didn't know about that. Thank you.!

Muxaun @ 2/15/2015 11:23 commented on Menorah GIF

menorah should have six branches, not eight.

Muxaun @ 2/15/2015 11:21 commented on Million years of water and mist

I like the mood of this piece

Muxaun @ 2/14/2015 13:20 commented on Ork Trapper
excellent job with the fabric.

the rifle looks too smooth though. It feels like the rifle was taken from another, less detailed, piece.

Muxaun @ 2/10/2015 14:26 commented on Gone

I am actually more of a software developer rather than a pixel artist.

I'm only pixeling for fun.

Muxaun @ 2/8/2015 05:28 commented on Gone

I am sorry guys for not completing the parallax, but it involved more programming and adjusting speeds than actual pixeling.

Muxaun @ 2/7/2015 13:33 commented on Warrior Stringing Bow

very unusual style.

Do you still have wip (intermediate versions) for this?

Muxaun @ 10/12/2014 21:55 commented on Forrest Block - Drama of the year

The best entry so far.

Muxaun @ 3/25/2014 23:06 commented on Pirana Plant

I open a piece from gallery and then open the Image Spec Tool. It would have been great if the piece URI was automatically submitted to the tool in that scenario.

Muxaun @ 2/15/2014 08:36 commented on Blues

Then why did you upload?

And why it was  approved?

Muxaun @ 2/14/2014 10:44 commented on Enigmatic Lines

Yes, it is unusual. This is how those 3d postal cards work.

What I don't understant is how one is supposed to see this animation without editing this image? 

Muxaun @ 2/11/2014 12:33 commented on Big Bird

Nope. And I don't agree about hands either (hands need some studying, but they are not a huge problem). 

It is really hard to pixel any rigid body with edges not aligned to the pixel grid. Just try to pixel a clock mechanism with 9-tooth gears. 

Muxaun @ 2/8/2014 12:03 commented on Military Cannons

the sand actually looks a bit weird. especially in the zones of contact with the gun. It looks more like a dough or a glue.

But overall this piece is excellent. And what really imresses me is this rifled barrel texture inside the gun. 

Muxaun @ 2/8/2014 03:43 commented on Big Bird

Where is the "Thunderstruck" challenge page? 

Muxaun @ 2/6/2014 19:59 commented on greeting card from Kiev

Cподіваюсь, у вас все буде добре.

Muxaun @ 2/3/2014 13:24 commented on Lumbergirl

Looking forward to see her house. Your style is very interesting. 

Muxaun @ 2/3/2014 10:40 commented on Lumbergirl

Excellent work. I love the mood of this piece. And I love how exaggerated the movement of her shoulders is.

There are three things though:

1) The default PJ grey background doesn't play very well for her. 
2) The color distance between the darkest and the brightest colors is too low: she looks misty.
3) She looks heavy and it is strange that her boots are leaving fragile grass and flowers intact.

Here's a quick edit for you to check it first two nitpicks are making any sense or not:   (I am not totally sure myself)