Bcadren @ 1/19/2015 04:44 commented on Brainrobot

Would you want to actually make this into a game? ...if so what would the mechanics be?

Bcadren @ 1/19/2015 04:39 commented on Killer Brain Bot

The 'bot' part reads well. The building part reads well...The brain part does not. It kind of looks like a nut or a ball; it just doesn't have the shapes necessary to read as a brain.

Bcadren @ 1/19/2015 04:18 commented on Brain Caught in Bot

There's so much I could point out as wrong and/or difficult to read in this piece. Since I know it's unfinished I'll try not to sound too harsh.

The lightbulb's shading is such that you have to look at it for a bit to realize it's a lightbulb and not a weird yellow eye or an egg. Weird yellow eye + lightbulb combo on purpose could work well with the theme though.

The brain kind of looks like two dude's heads (hand on each forehead).

The left hand's fingers are thicker than the rights and that reads odd.

The claw/pincer things look like they are straining to stay in the border...if you do a later revision...I'd recommend not following the original parameters and letting the arms stretch out... the 'restricted to paper size' look just doesn't work for this. (It might if the it was more comically styled).

The dithering and plain just yellow spots in the wall's specular make the piece look rather...dirty. This isn't necessarily bad, but it brings the mood of the piece even lower, into 'depressing' state.

Bcadren @ 1/19/2015 00:49 commented on Triumph!

Well that's not creepy at all. The silhouted lack of shading actually works well for it.

Bcadren @ 1/18/2015 12:25 commented on Drake

Solid effort; but:

The lighting appears inconsistant and at times pillowshaded (why for example does the tail appear to be lit from below the character?)

The two lighter shades of green are too close together to be worthwhile. Similarly; the number of shades of grey is overkill for such a small sprite.

And the eyes; one being two pixels and the other being only one looks weird. If going for the chibi/anime kind of look; make both of them two pixels. If not...just remove the left one, it shouldn't be visible from this angle.

[Not trying to be negative; just CC.]

Bcadren @ 1/18/2015 12:15 commented on Devlog Logo

I agree with Motrox; there's a kerning issue in general. 'De' look too far apart; 'vlo' look too close together; only 'og' and 'ev' look like the right spacing.

Also the v bothers me a bit (not symmetrical) and there'sa black blob between the e and v that just flickers...Try respacing so there's one pixel between each letter and that might be good enough, maybe...

Bcadren @ 1/18/2015 12:13 commented on Fridge Checkpoint

Amusingly simple. Maybe add some stuff on the interior...or shade the flag or inside of the door a bit though? It's almost too simple as-is.

Bcadren @ 1/18/2015 02:35 commented on Power Tie

Very fun; very readable, interesting, unique.

Criticism: There are some 'jaggies' in the upper part of the egg. I'd never go one-pixel arms like that, but it does seem to work; only I'd question the elbow of the arm holding the briefcase...if that one extra pixel should be there or not. I'm not completely sure about the shading on the forelegs; especially that the rearmost one gets so much light. I can't tell if the creature has 8 legs and those are the 4 closest to us (this is what it looks like); with the others not shown or if it's supposed to just have the 4 and the lighting and/or angling is weird? (It's an odd shape, I don't blame you). Due to the transparency INSIDE the image and the drop shadow; looks terrible on a black or darker background (jussayin'). Tie kind of looks stuck on the side (not directly in front of the brain); by how I'm reading the perspective at least.

The actual BRAIN part is the strongest portion of the image; very well detailed, shaded and readable.

[Not trying to be negative; feel free to ignore me.]

Bcadren @ 12/24/2014 18:33 commented on Evil Tree Walking

prance it, sister.

Bcadren @ 12/15/2014 08:52 commented on da monster!!

Wait? is it a mushroom?

Bcadren @ 6/20/2013 21:57 commented on Submersed

 I think what he meant is the farther away from the figures the more nondetailed and abstract the piece; which isn't necessarily a bad thing it actually draws attention to the figures more; but it does give the feeling that not much time was spent on the bulk of the background.

Bcadren @ 6/20/2013 21:55 commented on For God's sake LINK!

 Funny...though of course the same Link hasn't saved the same Zelda twice.

Bcadren @ 6/17/2013 15:34 commented on Alacrity Mission: Cryo Lab Mockup

 Area looks nice; not so sure about the character...

Bcadren @ 6/7/2013 11:28 commented on The Spartan

 Where will you be when inspiration strikes? (Seriously this gave me an epic idea; thanks).