redstone_pii @ 6/29/2015 06:36 commented on The worst crime evr

wat i came third

redstone_pii @ 6/27/2015 11:36 commented on Pride!

seems pretty similar...

redstone_pii @ 6/20/2015 06:12 commented on Engerverab Attack!

That is a very smooth animation

redstone_pii @ 6/20/2015 06:07 commented on Big Bird

Hapiiel doesn't sound finnish at all. Haapieli or Hapieli sounds much more finnish to me

redstone_pii @ 6/20/2015 06:05 commented on Just Hangin' Out

You could tell in the description how this is breaking the law.

redstone_pii @ 6/20/2015 04:19 commented on bps lava lamp


redstone_pii @ 6/19/2015 04:09 commented on The Good Guy

I think the hair needs to be darker and have more texture.

redstone_pii @ 6/18/2015 22:17 commented on Big Bird

hapiel are you from finland?

I am.

redstone_pii @ 6/18/2015 12:59 commented on Big Bird

thanks torrito

redstone_pii @ 6/18/2015 11:03 commented on Big Bird

Hey it was a good joke and why are you writing my name wrong!! This is like the second time you wrote redstone_pil it is pii......

redstone_pii @ 6/18/2015 09:53 commented on Big Bird

i tought i got 200 points........

redstone_pii @ 6/18/2015 04:16 commented on Deadpool Wee!

i tought it was spider man!

redstone_pii @ 6/18/2015 04:15 commented on Join me, and together we can destroy the Sith

That is amazing!

redstone_pii @ 6/18/2015 04:15 commented on Stomp, stomp, stomp that Lil Dude!

this is my favourite lil dude :D

redstone_pii @ 6/18/2015 04:14 commented on Girantis

lol when i looked at the preview i tought it would be just a giraffe :D

redstone_pii @ 6/18/2015 04:13 commented on The Spartan

redstone_pii @ 6/18/2015 04:12 commented on DARTH VADER

it is 3x because it looks better as a icon :D

redstone_pii @ 6/18/2015 04:11 commented on March of Industry - Materials and Weapons

why is there like a little guy there :D

redstone_pii @ 6/18/2015 04:10 commented on Krandun Station


redstone_pii @ 6/18/2015 02:21 commented on Big Bird

lol did i actually get points

redstone_pii @ 6/18/2015 01:09 commented on Hilbert


redstone_pii @ 6/18/2015 01:02 commented on Big Bird

well this is the joke better give me loads of points for this.

What’s Beethoven’s favorite fruit?…Ba-na-na-naaa!

hahaha good joke

redstone_pii @ 6/18/2015 00:45 commented on Big Bird

will you give me 1000 points if i tell you a good joke?

redstone_pii @ 6/17/2015 11:32 commented on Sky Gravity

That is very clever :D 

redstone_pii @ 6/17/2015 05:47 commented on Big Bird