Tricxta @ 9/1/2015 03:02 commented on Penelope's Big Adventure

Great style, really nice stuff 

Tricxta @ 8/30/2015 22:45 commented on Project Exorcist Background Trial

This is great, well done 

Tricxta @ 8/23/2015 17:41 commented on Air Nomads

This is fantastic, great pallette and rendering 

Tricxta @ 7/30/2015 15:12 commented on Dead Island

This piece has a great feel to it, the sun's reflection upon the water is rendered spot on. Really impressive for one's supposedly first pice.

My only gripe with the depiction of the sun itself(the outline and flat fill colour don't really workout) and what seems like the sky bending around. It ruins the natural look of the piece.

For example check out this,

Tricxta @ 3/12/2015 21:05 commented on GhostBuilder

Neat piece, but did you intentionally make it seem as though it is rather incomplete?

Tricxta @ 9/21/2014 15:29 commented on Fall of the Bulwark

Definitely feeling that Mrmo Tarius inspiration coming off this, it does seem as though your edges are too harsh in some areas of the piece. A nice piece regardless!, well done. 

Tricxta @ 8/25/2014 17:32 commented on UFO Complex

Awesome concept and great art!

You might want to look into either monogame or libGDX if you're wanting to go for a more cross platform approach, both provide easy to use coding interfaces, have stacks of examples and tutorials across the internet and can be picked up in no time.

Tricxta @ 8/6/2014 00:29 commented on Princess Peach

The crown is partially well done in terms of trying to capture that metallic tone. However, the shading in general could use significant improvement. Try scale down the piece and attempt to shade without having to resort to the brush tool.

On the plus side, the hair shape is well done but still suffers from a lack of proper shading(especially around the fringe and tips).

Tricxta @ 8/2/2014 21:25 commented on mosta

I really like these apart from the banana split which is let down by that shading as the others have mentioned. Great colours as usual!

Tricxta @ 7/31/2014 17:48 commented on Terroaz chibi

Heyy, add a flame to that tail and you've got yourself a charmeleon!  Very nice style and colours.  

Tricxta @ 6/25/2014 17:48 commented on Nightdrive With My Vette

Great piece!, however, you have one frame off causing a slight jumping effect which is getting on me.(Who knows, it might just be me)

Tricxta @ 5/11/2014 14:18 commented on Golden Axe

Nice axe, despite saying this, the edges of the blade seem blockish and/or extremely dull, it doesn't exactly look sharp, however this might just be me. Regardless, nice pixels 

Tricxta @ 5/5/2014 18:19 commented on Legends of the Hidden Temple

Fantastic style, loving the colours! I have to agree with the others on the background however.

Tricxta @ 4/9/2014 23:50 commented on WHAT DO WE WANT "Memes" WHEN DO WE WANT IT "Instead of regular science"

Great style, great job!

Tricxta @ 4/1/2014 14:27 commented on Paranoid Stubb

Nice animation! neat game concept too!

Tricxta @ 3/27/2014 16:04 commented on Mockup3

After this having been brough to my attention due to the release of the game, I find it odd that you should have mixed perspectives(road versus buildings). Other than that, great clean style, really nice effort for only 3 hours.

Tricxta @ 3/25/2014 15:47 commented on Bonehead 0017

Wow, awesome use of colours 

Tricxta @ 3/24/2014 01:50 commented on Classic VG Card: Mario

I notice creature is stated, does this mean plants are excluded?

Tricxta @ 3/23/2014 21:22 commented on The shrouded clover

Thanks for taking the time to comment, I can see where you're coming from and I'll take your advice into consideration when practicing on future pieces. 

Tricxta @ 3/22/2014 15:08 commented on Archimedes

"The one thing that I'm the most happy about is that this is 100% original, meaning I didn't need to look at other people pieces to get help like all my other pieces."
 think there should be no shame in looking at other people's art for reference. What lets down this piece for me is the shape of the skull, this could've been fixed had you referenced a decent piece. After all, why should you have to reinvent the wheel(hypothetically)?

Also the bottom teeth stand out too strongly compared to the top, making it look really out of place. Still,for no references you've done well, keep at it 

Tricxta @ 3/21/2014 14:41 commented on Mushroom Queendom

Hah, very nice job. Her eye on the viewer's left looks a tad off though.

Tricxta @ 3/18/2014 17:10 commented on Dungeon Mockup

Looks really nice at 2x, I'm a particular fan of those walls, well done 

However, is the door on the side meant to be drastically reduced in height?  otherwise I think it would've come out better if it were running more upwards. See image.

Tricxta @ 3/16/2014 19:50 commented on Chip and Dale 3

Beautiful!, max rated and faved. Didn't even need to think twice! 

Tricxta @ 3/16/2014 19:48 commented on Sunan

This is totally hot. 

Tricxta @ 3/15/2014 23:42 commented on Lil' Blacksmith

Neat. Nice clean style.