Dewclaw @ 1/24/2014 07:03 commented on Shoggoth Shuffle!!

Thanks! Was going for that, and hoped it would show. :)

Dewclaw @ 1/21/2014 15:26 commented on rifleman

Thanks! I really should start doing more animations, I think.

Dewclaw @ 1/19/2014 15:26 commented on Shoggoth Shuffle!!

Thanks! Glad you like it!

Dewclaw @ 1/19/2014 15:25 commented on Shoggoth Shuffle!!

Thank you! Wanted to try something hopefully different. :D

Dewclaw @ 1/7/2014 12:38 commented on Ramen Man

Are we allowed to tilt/flip the canvas, or does it have to remain in it's original position?

Dewclaw @ 11/27/2013 11:13 commented on somebody

Hmm, that's true! I wonder if moving the head a bit will change that appearance, give it less of that "leaning" look. I'll have to watch a bit more for that in the future. :)

Dewclaw @ 8/24/2013 06:36 commented on Dargon Lurv

Yeah that's pretty much the idea! Glad ya like it!