nedink @ 4/3/2017 14:05 commented on Find Waldo

Just learned about Pieter Bruegel the Elder in art history, your piece reminds me a lot of his "seven deadly sins" :) beautiful

nedink @ 3/24/2017 13:19 commented on Abandoned

Cool piece! The colors are stellar. I love the reflection as others have mentioned, but I actually really like how you did the posts, I think the single pixel step-over gives them a lot of character, and I got the impression that they were slightly tilted or bent immediately rather than thinking they look strange because of it. One thing that I think could be improved is the grass. As it is, I find the pixel-wide blades a bit noisy and distracting, and the close proximity of the different shades of green further the effect. I would try and have larger areas of solid color with only occasional spots of the different shades to suggest the grass.

nedink @ 9/29/2016 22:09 commented on will o' wisp

What a great use of the shapes to convey 3-d curvature! Don't think I would have ever thought of that.

nedink @ 1/19/2016 09:41 commented on Pissed Wolf 2.0

Wow, when you made the first one I was impressed but the improvement here is also obvious. The new one looks much more like a 3-d rendering; it reminds me of the kremlings from Donkey Kong Country a bit. Awesome work and moreso at such a small scale!

nedink @ 12/14/2015 12:23 commented on Island in the Sea

Wow this piece is really impressive, your color choices really bring out the depth and scale of the scene, so I can tell how enormous and far away the mountains are. Favorited because I need to learn from this.

i think eishiya makes a great point about the mountain in the back however, and I would like to see what it looks like with the change :)

nedink @ 12/12/2015 13:11 commented on Sewer King

Great scales on the croc and I love the orthographic perspective. Nicely done!

nedink @ 9/22/2015 19:14 commented on The Dinosauria

Tyrannosaurus rex and Velociraptor mongoliensis? 

I did a small essay on the early stages of flight and feather development in therapods for my Arabic language class, lol. I know, super random but we just had to write about anything that interested us and I knew no one would write about anything close to that. Not that I really know anything I'm talking about, I'm just fascinated with dinosaurs.

nedink @ 9/21/2015 14:40 commented on The Dinosauria

This may now be my favorite piece of yours -- although I feel kind of stupid for not getting all of these immediately. At least I can name two of them 

nedink @ 9/12/2015 11:31 commented on a girl


nedink @ 9/9/2015 19:59 commented on Lag Physics

Haha nice concept

nedink @ 9/8/2015 20:50 commented on oink

Wow, on the dark grey PJ background it looks like it's popping off the screen, i love it

nedink @ 4/16/2015 16:11 commented on Starburst Dwarven War-Face

Incredible, the highlights and shadows are perfect. My hat is off to you again.

nedink @ 3/31/2015 18:25 commented on Crystal cave

Insta-faved, looks amazing and those colors are to die for

nedink @ 3/6/2015 08:17 commented on NES Love

Totally awesome. Great muted colors.

nedink @ 3/6/2015 08:12 commented on Black Widow

Cool, looks like a pretty accurate representation. I agree about the blacks however; at first I thought the entire body was one black, and I had to look closely to see the different values as they are almost indistinguishable on my monitor.

nedink @ 3/3/2015 15:19 commented on An island of isometric study

Reminds me of the overworld in super mario world 

nedink @ 2/26/2015 03:53 commented on Interstellar Pixel Invader

Wow, I really like this piece. From the preview, I thought it was a mockup of a game with a spike pit and hovering platforms, lol

nedink @ 2/26/2015 03:43 commented on Midora Whip Swing

Very smooth and simple, I love it!

nedink @ 2/23/2015 19:19 commented on Spining Wooden Sheep

Very cool! I think your color count is 3 over, though, and the piece is even more impressive being made from only 6 values. Let it be known!

The light source seems to be rotating with the object. I don't know if this is was intentional but if not, the side of the goat should become light as it turns to face the front. Just a small critique to a great piece!

nedink @ 2/23/2015 19:13 commented on Creepy guy

Wow really nice job, the highlights are in the perfect places; I love that point of light on the chain

nedink @ 2/22/2015 19:56 commented on Yang
Very well done, I love the color shoices and the simplicity of the background. The dark cloth in the back is pretty cool too, it gives the structure an intimidation factor, like it's a living being.

I'm not sure you need the browns and purples in the grass however, and there is something slightly irksome about the right side of the skull, I feel like it's just one row of pixels too far, maybe it's the horn that could be extended further right or thickened or something

nedink @ 2/16/2015 17:08 commented on Myself

Very nice, I love simple designs like this with muted colors. The 2-frame grass animation has the perfect effect, and I love the style of the clouds (they could even be moving across the sky, but that would make a long gif ). I do see some areas where there is some pillow-shading, ex. in the hat and around the face, which is easily rectafiable.

nedink @ 2/16/2015 16:58 commented on Selfie

Nice looking. I took a stab at it myself, and although I don't know what you look like exactly, there are some things I would change just to make the face "pop out" a bit more.

What I changed:

- I noticed you have a second color that is very close to the black, so I just removed it, as I don't think it makes much of a difference in the piece. (I think this piece would be fine without black at all, just the darker colors of the palette; for example, the top rim of the glasses could just be the color hair and your eyes wouldn't know the difference.)

- The grey color I changed to a slightly more purplish tone, to compliment the warmer brown colors, and I added in a lighter shade to help define the color and shape of the shirt.

- I lightnened up some of the edges to get rid of the hard black line and used some simple anti-aliasing tricks to replace the pillow shading on the edges of the face and the neck. Keep in mind AAing is not much of an option when stark against transparency, but when ramping or curving against an opaque background, it is usually best to lighten or darken the line when it steps down a pixel depending on the value of the background (I used this a bit on the edges of the face but tried to keep the theme of the dark outline).

- I added some shadow on the left side of the face to make it more round, and the lighter purple on the right side of the shirt for the same effect.

- I lightened up the area around the eyes which I think defines them a little better, but since eyes are one of--if not THE--most identifying physical characteristics, take my changes with a grain of salt.

Anyway, that's my two cents, and I hope this helps a little! Now I guess I really have no choice but to get back to homework... :/

nedink @ 2/15/2015 03:59 commented on Shepherd

Very nice, I like the technique used for the wool. I attempted a similar style in one of my pieces to lesser success.

nedink @ 2/9/2015 18:06 commented on Eye for an Eye

They just get better and better. Those blue eyes are amazing.