Makapixel @ 1/17/2018 04:35 commented on Mega Man 11 Run Cycle

How come it looks terrible at native resolution? I'm using Chrome and it just looks like junk. It stops looking like junk after clicking the + icon twice. Does anyone know?

Makapixel @ 7/30/2015 18:07 commented on Fiery man idle animation

sorry I didn't see this until now. Thanks dude!

Makapixel @ 7/3/2015 20:25 commented on Fiery man idle animation

you caught me on my laziness @pix.Ed. Totally noted on the fire hair bit haha. Although hair chunks was what I intended. I'm playing with the idea of him being fire like. They will be more flame like in shape and color and form(rising and snapping up instead of falling down like lava) in his powered up state. I'll post an updated version at some point but as it stands now its good enough to go into the game and to give me an idea of what I want. I may completely change the whole idle pose and therefore animation. I don't know and that's the fun thing about it. I'm making videogames son! 

This animation as I said was a test of sorts and for my next animations they will be put into the game as 1 frame poses that strongly suggest what it looks like in animation. 

As for him looking feminine, well thats okay to me. I have tests of him with a more puffed out chest but I didn't like it.  ;^]

Thanks for taking the time to comment! You've given me more to think about.

Makapixel @ 7/2/2015 11:37 commented on Punk jerk guy!

thanks ;D

Makapixel @ 12/31/2014 11:39 commented on Web Color Winter

I'm a fan of experimenting with a variety of different colors and techniques. Another issue that comes up with color picking is it's being picked in a vacuum. There's no way to really know how the colors should be without some sort of environment. That's not a strict rule though. I do like your warms as well. I think it's interesting now that we can see what a cool version looks like. Add some snow, pine trees, hot cocoa and it's golden. As for where they should be looking. Don't tell me, just draw it. Your characters are staring at nothing. That's not my choice. I don't know why you included that comment. How should I know?

One more thing. Color taste is completely subjective. The warm is nice but I prefer cool shadows and warm highlights. Did I go overboard? Yes. Did I have fun? Also yes.

Your work is excellent and I can't wait to see more.


Makapixel @ 12/30/2014 17:02 commented on Web Color Winter

Okay I finally sat down and did some edits that may be of use to you or that you may find interesting. I realize you said you did this purely out of web safe colors just for kicks but I went and ahead and edited colors and some other aspects.

1. I tried really hard to shift shadow colors to a cooler tone. However, changing some shadows would change a different characters mid tones or light tones, etc.

2. I put it on a mid gray background because trying to color or figure out value on white is very difficult. As a rule always make your art on a mid gray or middle color. If it's too dark or light you won't be able to accurately tell if a color you are using is too light or too dark, this can mess up contrast badly.

3. I did various little edits of your pixel outlines in order to make it less visible. When there are pixels outlines that have steps it can make that section pop out in a bad way. It's called banding and instead of making the pixel grid less evident it accentuates it. Flip back and forth between my edit and yours to see what I mean.

4. I made all the characters eyes interacting with the character next to them. I feel this adds more appeal because it grounds the characters into a reality where they all exist. Instead of blankly staring at nothing. Obviously this change is unnecessary if these are game character sprites but as a single piece I think it works.

5. This was as much a critique as it was a little practice session for myself.

With all that said I don't expect you to go back and edit your piece. If you find some value in this edit that's great! Perhaps there are some changes you like and perhaps there are some you do not like. Take what is useful and discard the rest.

Overall I like the piece a lot and the characters have a lot of life. Great poses, great hands, and just all around excellent.

Makapixel @ 12/28/2014 03:26 commented on grassy road

I want to live there..

Makapixel @ 12/25/2014 14:31 commented on Godsglobe [Weekly Challenge]

Is this Percy Jackson inspired?

Makapixel @ 12/25/2014 14:21 commented on Web Color Winter

There are a lot of high saturation colors here but they fit fairly well. I'm also a fan of the large amounts of contrasts for the light and shadow. Something to think about for your next piece is using different hue ramps for your lighting. Right now from what I can see you are straight ramping up and down. Meaning you are only changing value(brightness) An example I can use is generally cooler hues for shadows, warmer for lights. I can do an example for you but I'm away from pc so I'll post it later.

Makapixel @ 12/25/2014 13:56 commented on Evil Tree Walking

LOL it does look like heels!

Makapixel @ 12/24/2014 19:01 commented on Evil Tree Walking

Hey good question, this is the concept I had to work from.

Makapixel @ 12/24/2014 15:30 commented on Katze - Run Cycle

You do make a good point about the issue of transitions into other poses. I've run into this a few times myself. For example, if you want to make a character have an exaggerated bounce run there will sometimes be an annoying pop when they stop and transition into the idle frame/animation. This will happen when the characters movement stops on either the high or low point and goes straight into an idle. The way around this is, as you said, is to build in a transition animation that will bridge the gap. However, this can hamper the snappiness of game play feel. When it comes to building in transitions I always let the player skip them if they are moving. I'll only let transitions play if the player lets it happen(by not moving) or if there is some reason to lock the player control (sword slash or an attack of some kind)

Makapixel @ 12/22/2014 12:30 commented on Katze - Run Cycle

My only bits of feedback are as follows (just curiosities on my part also an attempt to learn from another artist)

First question. What is the reasoning behind the 1 pixel up bounce only on one frame instead of 2? For example, once per leg(back/front) It happens when the Foreground back swing and background front swing apex but it doesn't happen during the reverse. Maybe it does but the head rotation/body rotation is masking it. (I can understand if it's meant to make it feel more organic and unique)

Second question. The legs face at a 3/4thish angle and the body seems slightly off from that. Like his feet are running slightly out of the screen but his body is more profile. I was curious for the reasoning behind that as well.

Lastly(related to the first question) What is the thought process for the very small amount of vertical body movement? When his legs recoil(doesn't seem to have a recoil actually) the body should drop. Likewise it should rise during the kick off. Is there a programming/gameplay reason behind this? Is it so you can have varying speeds without making the sprite all jittery from the constant up and down? I've noticed other games doing this before so I was just hoping to find out why. In my opinion it makes characters feel more ethereal and floaty. (Not a bad thing) I imagine the reverse of that is more bounce.

Other than that...great animation, great overlap/follow through, great rotation of the head, etc etc I'm sure you know all this. Love it!

Makapixel @ 12/20/2014 20:02 commented on Nox - Nano Mechanized Panther From 80s With Laser M6000

Oh I see! That's a nice loop hole to showcase animation regardless. I wonder if that unofficially helps with winning the challenge.

Makapixel @ 12/20/2014 08:26 commented on Nox - Nano Mechanized Panther From 80s With Laser M6000

How come only the preview is animated and not the full image? It's great, subtle sub pixel animation. I don't see why it isn't applied to non preview. However, I think it is a neat idea to have 2 different art pieces (one animated, one not) in one submission. Just curious of the reasoning.

Makapixel @ 12/19/2014 12:46 commented on Noriaki Kakyoin

No problem. Keep working at it! Improve at a pace that you feel is comfortable. Most importantly, have fun!

Makapixel @ 12/18/2014 21:32 commented on Noriaki Kakyoin

Hey there! I like the idea you have here and I'm a huge fan of JoJo. I hope it's okay but I made an edit of your work. It's just a slight critique but I think taking a look at it might help you improve as an artist.

--Disclaimer: Just as your art is subjective so is my critique. There may be aspects of it that you agree with and those that you don't. Please feel free to take it in any direction you like. 

Okay so I'll list out what I changed and why.

1: I have changed the contrast, value and hue of the image. I feel it helps it pop more. I tried my best to keep the same sort of pastel look you had going on as I have no way of knowing if pastel was your intent or if it was an issue with picking colors. This part is the most subjective because it's murky for which is the better way to go.

2: The secondary pixel lines you have next to the outlines are uneccessary, it's called banding and it's been thought to be generally unpleasing to the eye (again this is subjective) My personal feelings on the matter is that it must be eliminated. I've instead turned those lines into Anti aliasing (placing a pixel that is half way between in value/hue/saturation inbetween a larger than 1x1 pixel gap in order to smooth out a line) Hard to explain but it's easier to understand if you check out the differences between the two versions.

3: Added highlights for the text which can help make it pop more. I also changed the highlights as well as added highlights to Kakyoin's hair.

4: I did some clean up on little areas, chin, clothing, hair. I made the silhouette for his finger more clean by cleaning out the detail around that area.

Makapixel @ 12/18/2014 18:06 commented on Deer 2 AT:ETDBIDK!

Yeah! Adventure Time has such a crazy style huh? 

Makapixel @ 12/15/2014 17:31 commented on Doom Fatty

I highly recommend you look into Aseprite or graphics gale for pixel art. Photoshop can be good for pixel art but it exports weirdly. You have to use the save to web option and it can tend to screw up the colors. If you are pixeling in RGB then after you are done switch color mode to indexed, choose (Local)perceptual and choose how many colors you want. This will force the new indexed images to have the amount of colors you chose.

Please reupload after bringing up the lights and bringing down the darks. The drawing is okay but the contrast could use a boost. If this is the case of your monitor not being calibrated I recommend using this cheap (free) option

Makapixel @ 12/15/2014 16:56 commented on Random 89

Oh! What charming characters! The preview does not do it justice! I almost overlooked it. It needs more work to be a truly great pixel piece but this is a great start.

Makapixel @ 12/15/2014 11:34 commented on Detective walk

It was my pleasure! I like what you did initially and it's awesome you went for such a high frame rate at such a small size. Typically the smaller characters get the less work that has to be done because the space between parts gets smaller ie, less frames are needed to blend. However, the smoothness is really appealing. Honestly if the frames move by fast enough any amount of frames, even a high amount, is okay. I know back in the day feature films are 24 fps but just recently this year a Disney animator Glen Keane(and his crew of animators) at google did an animated short called  'Duet' at 60 FPS for android phones. If a master from the Disney renassiance is okay with and likes the smoothness of high frame rate than that's gotta mean it's okay. Animation is far from being conquered. Keep experimenting! You've definitely inspired me to think about my animations in a higher more smooth frame rate!

Makapixel @ 12/14/2014 19:39 commented on Deer 2 AT:ETDBIDK!

Thanks for letting me know!

Makapixel @ 12/14/2014 14:07 commented on With the glimmer of metal...

The car in the background is too far away to cast light as strong as the street lamps. It's immediately readable at it's current state.

Makapixel @ 12/14/2014 14:04 commented on Shovel Knight Redo

These are so high quality. However, we must not forget that Shovel Knights sprites were the way they were because they feature large amounts of animation per character. This would've blown the budget completely out haha. Keep up the great work SP. You are one of my inspirations when it comes to pixel art and art in general.

Makapixel @ 12/14/2014 14:00 commented on Knights of the Seasons

These are so snappy and full of energy! Excellent job man!