Dokitsu @ 2/15/2018 16:23 commented on Flame effects!

Yeah, it looks really vibrant in comparison to others colors in there; that makes it hard to figure for good shades.

I think I'll do some experiments, this piece isn't actually one (it's actually from a game).
Never tried different color combinations for flames using db32, I'll probably be submitting something to the forum about flame ramps for the palette, but I think I'm not the right person to do that.

Dokitsu @ 2/14/2018 09:50 commented on Flame effects!

No worries,
Oh, there is a cool "flame" gradient, I guess. Look at the doodles. Didn't noticed.

Well, I would appreciate if you give it a try, I've been trying some different combinations to make sure flames looks good, and there are pretty nice browns, and reds at db32 which you can use.

Looks pretty well, but I think isn't a good one, you're actually using the index 28 (red/pink) which is actually kind of blending, and also doesn't make so much contrast within the orange index 5, probably it's a wasted color. You could probably get rid of white, and make a new ramp starting from the yellow as a highlight, I think yellow is a bit out of the ramp actually, looks too far from the other colors.

Dokitsu @ 2/13/2018 18:36 commented on Flame effects!

Looks good, but now I'm looking at I think you didn't noticed the file has db32 indexed palette.

You actually changed the color palette, which is out of the case.
If you want to correct colors, you'll need to use db32 colors, because the flames/fire is supposed to be in that palette, I mean for my purpose.

Sorry, I though you was talking about the wrong combination of colors within the db32, and flames.

Anyway, for the bg change doesn't looks so much better as you say.
I'll probably end up doing this piece into a different color palettes version.

DB32 (dawnbringer's 32 color palette)

Thanks for your commentary, and cc.

Dokitsu @ 2/11/2018 13:15 commented on Flame effects!

Yeah, you're probably right, maybe adding some background plus lighting may look more like flames and so.
Maybe I just wanted it to be simple by putting a solid black color for background.

Thank you so much.

Dokitsu @ 2/10/2018 14:56 commented on Flame effects!

Muchas gracias.

Dokitsu @ 2/10/2018 14:54 commented on Flame effects!

Thanks for commenting.

Dokitsu @ 2/10/2018 14:53 commented on Flame effects!

Thank you very much.

Dokitsu @ 11/22/2017 14:14 commented on girl

Cute colors. Nice work.

Dokitsu @ 11/22/2017 14:10 commented on Tower 57 - Launch Illustration

Cool landscape.

Dokitsu @ 9/17/2017 19:57 commented on Scythe the grim reaper - Mazgeon

Thank you.

Dokitsu @ 8/10/2017 17:18 commented on Space Wolf 04

Increible animacion. Me gustan mucho los colores de alto contraste.

Por otro lado, en mi opinion agregaria algo de movimiento a la cabeza, quiza un ligero "bounce".
De igual forma esta muy bien.

Dokitsu @ 8/10/2017 17:13 commented on Sakamoto

Nice. Looks great for an avatar. Haha

Dokitsu @ 8/10/2017 17:11 commented on Heavy Duty Truck

Amazing lighting! I though it was animated. Anyway, it looks great.

Dokitsu @ 8/10/2017 17:10 commented on Snake Eater

So cool environment.

Dokitsu @ 8/5/2017 19:40 commented on bullshit shrine thing

I love those colors.

Dokitsu @ 7/27/2017 13:11 commented on Forest Transition Parallax

Great! This also reminds me some of the fool's background pieces. I don't know. Maybe the colors.

Nice work.

Dokitsu @ 7/27/2017 13:09 commented on Jelly

So cool, I love the colors.
Btw, the preview just catched my attention, hahaha. yknow, the bnha costume.

Nice oc.

Dokitsu @ 7/25/2017 18:39 commented on Kizuna Ai

Looks so great, I do like the costume.

Nice character.

Dokitsu @ 5/26/2017 17:57 commented on Nice Teeth

I loved the colors, nice work!

It looks like it's a part of a giant monster - Exodia.

Dokitsu @ 5/19/2017 15:12 commented on Ectomancer Icon

Hahaha, it's so expressive.
Nice avatar!

Dokitsu @ 5/19/2017 15:10 commented on Redroach

So cool animations.

Dokitsu @ 5/15/2017 19:32 commented on My Hero Academia (FB Banner Size)

Amazing work! these looks like good for sprites.

Dokitsu @ 5/13/2017 14:45 commented on Spaceship afterburner!

Thank you very much for your cc, Shadowdrake.

I think you're right for the background, I should have put a more detailed pattern, it doesn't makes sence
with the main art.

Dokitsu @ 5/11/2017 07:31 commented on Spaceship afterburner!

Thank you.

Dokitsu @ 4/30/2017 13:43 commented on Walpurgis

Nice design! It looks like a rpg character.