Dokitsu @ 5/26/2017 17:57 commented on Nice Teeth

I loved the colors, nice work!

It looks like it's a part of a giant monster - Exodia.

Dokitsu @ 5/19/2017 15:12 commented on Ectomancer Icon

Hahaha, it's so expressive.
Nice avatar!

Dokitsu @ 5/19/2017 15:10 commented on Redroach

So cool animations.

Dokitsu @ 5/15/2017 19:32 commented on My Hero Academia (FB Banner Size)

Amazing work! these looks like good for sprites.

Dokitsu @ 5/13/2017 14:45 commented on Spaceship afterburner!

Thank you very much for your cc, Shadowdrake.

I think you're right for the background, I should have put a more detailed pattern, it doesn't makes sence
with the main art.

Dokitsu @ 5/11/2017 07:31 commented on Spaceship afterburner!

Thank you.

Dokitsu @ 4/30/2017 13:43 commented on Walpurgis

Nice design! It looks like a rpg character.

Dokitsu @ 4/14/2017 18:28 commented on Sleepy Minty

So cute colors. Good work.

Dokitsu @ 4/1/2017 10:15 commented on Hidden Cathedral

This is awesome, loved the colors.

Btw, the hud can not be appreciated, specially numbers, maybe putting a drop shadow below will work slightly.

Dokitsu @ 3/28/2017 09:43 commented on New Avatar

Looks so cool, and cute as ever! Good one.

Dokitsu @ 3/27/2017 17:04 commented on Ninja animation test 2!

The video sounds like a great idea, never figured before for a clip.

Thank you very much.

Dokitsu @ 3/27/2017 16:59 commented on KF map

Just looking at the preview I've said: Omg, this is Fool's drawing style.

An amazing art work!

Dokitsu @ 3/23/2017 18:49 commented on Ninja animation test 2!

I think so, but I've also setted different ms rates for some frames, I think I should revise it.

Thank you.

Dokitsu @ 3/19/2017 09:59 commented on Clint Eastwood

Such interesting piece, nice one.

I think highlights could be a little bit brighter.

Dokitsu @ 3/18/2017 12:25 commented on Tiny DB32-piano!

Thank you! ^^

Dokitsu @ 3/8/2017 05:03 commented on Ninja animation test!

Yes, you're right.

I was thinking about a more slightly movement, not sure if removing the slide will be better.
Could be if I just try to rotate his foot in the same position without sliding.

I'll try to update the file with a newer animation for a feedback.
Thank you very much for your observation.

Dokitsu @ 3/8/2017 03:28 commented on Ninja animation test!

I think so, it looks more smooth if I'm not wrong.
Other ones have been built from the first one's frames just using a ping-pong loop starting from a point of the animation.

Thanks for your reply.

Dokitsu @ 3/8/2017 03:22 commented on Ninja animation test!

It's great that you liked.

Thanks, yahkehbu.

Dokitsu @ 3/7/2017 15:40 commented on Akina's 86

This looks amazing, but I think it's quite needing sub pixelling at animation.

Nevermind, it's my cc, great work.

Dokitsu @ 3/6/2017 09:43 commented on Turtle, Parrot, Narwhal

I don't know if it's shell is actually transparent, Hahaha.

Great creation!

Dokitsu @ 3/5/2017 10:15 commented on Big Bird

I was wondering about it too. Have no idea.

Dokitsu @ 3/5/2017 10:12 commented on Tiny DB32-piano!

Hahaha, could be.

Thanks for your reply.

Dokitsu @ 3/5/2017 10:11 commented on Oreo P32-cookie!

Thank you so much.

Dokitsu @ 3/4/2017 15:47 commented on Wolfbat

Oh! This actually reminds me to monster hunter.

Good work.

Dokitsu @ 3/3/2017 18:00 commented on Oreo P32-cookie!

Thanks a lot.

There're hundreds of chocolate pixels, so why not? Hahaha