Dokitsu @ 6/14/2020 19:59 commented on Statues

Awesome, man. I Love your Castlevania like and tilesets stuff.

Good job.

Dokitsu @ 5/22/2020 17:30 commented on Big Bird

Oh, wow. Thank you very much.

Dokitsu @ 5/16/2020 17:54 commented on Big Bird

No way.

He/She also deleted all his content.

Dokitsu @ 5/15/2020 19:55 commented on kmnz 2

Maybe a better preview will hook more viewers (?
I remember someone told me the same under a piece of mine years ago.

Great work, tho.

Dokitsu @ 5/15/2020 19:53 commented on Big Bird

Somebody knows what happened to Andrae?

I was looking for some inspiration from him, and I remembered that his account was totally off since months probably. :(

Dokitsu @ 5/15/2020 19:48 commented on Big Bird

Oh, now I'm having weird flashbacks of PSX Hagrid. Good old times with old school games. :)

Dokitsu @ 5/14/2020 10:53 commented on Big Bird

Saw that, the entire store is lagging. lol

Dokitsu @ 5/14/2020 10:48 commented on Minecraft Halo

I think the best fix for mirror drawings is doing the lightsource from a side instead of top or any middle point.
That way the left side will be shaded and right side bright or viceversa, thus hidding "the mirror effect".

Anyways, I love the idea of the design, and the highlights on the glass; it looks great overall.

Dokitsu @ 5/7/2020 12:56 commented on Big Bird

Now there are 2 Yogurts... The banned account says Yogurt2.
Tho, I also changed my nick a while ago (I was d-jinn).

Hap, is Eogurt available?

Dokitsu @ 5/5/2020 19:59 commented on The Mask of Loki

I love the weird coloring going on every part of the piece; beautiful.

Dokitsu @ 5/5/2020 19:54 commented on Djeeta PCR ver.

Is this now thrending because She got into GranBlue Fantasy: Versus? She existed way longer before that.
Just wondering. haha

Beautiful work, btw.

Dokitsu @ 5/5/2020 19:00 commented on Big Bird

Can relate, mate. Since I joined the video game industry, can't post stuff as before, but I'm kinda still here.

Tho, I'm really happy and gratefull of PJ, not only because I grew with it, yet all of the experiences I learned through the time and because of all of your feedback of course. I probably would not known not even half of the stuff I known actually if I didn't joined back then.

I remember I was totally inspired by ADrawingMan's artwork (now known as Skittle for those who don't know); shoutout: I love your work, dude!

Dokitsu @ 5/4/2020 17:56 commented on Steampunk plague doctor

Not sure if that was the intention, but your preview for the entry is quite "click bait". Hahaha

Good job on this piece, looks pretty creepy.

Dokitsu @ 5/4/2020 17:50 commented on Old Treasure Map

Looks cool, good job.

If you take constructive critiques, I would say that not everytime having a lot of frames on an animation does make it look better. Sometimes you need to do animation easing for a better motion; it is just a matter of rearranging your frames.

Here is an example:
Pixel easing

Dokitsu @ 5/4/2020 16:26 commented on Big Bird

Yeah, it is because it uploads into jpg format I think, and sometimes gifs are uploaded into mp4 videos. The only thing I can think of is resizing the picture to an even scale of more than 800%. That way "the pixels will be way bigger" and the compression will be barely visible/noticeable.

I'm related to Twitter, Reddit, DeviantArt, and other much smaller media pages.

Dokitsu @ 5/4/2020 16:20 commented on Big Bird

Oh boy, I only have 7 years around PJ, and I feel the same. Can't imagine being an OG, because joined right on the foundation. ._.

Tho, do anyone want to follow on twitter a rpg roguelike I'm developing? It is going to have a live demo soon on Steam, I appreciate any help. @mazgeon


Dokitsu @ 4/26/2020 16:09 commented on Kintsuki

I love the idea of having leaf like feathers on the wings; if I'm not wrong, I mean that is what they look like to me.


Dokitsu @ 4/22/2020 12:59 commented on St Paul & The Shard

Love the small details of this piece.


Dokitsu @ 4/21/2020 10:28 commented on Big Bird

DeviantArt has his own thing, I mean, there is true pixel art groups, but it holds a lot of NPA art which I'm not against, but it isn't the same feeling like here at Pixel joint. :)

I would agree we should get into some WC now we are on quarantine times (?
Personally I left, because I hadn't enough time to participate; I was pixelling for games, and had enough drawings a day to get me occupied to the point of totally getting bored of drawing and look at WC from another perspective.

Dokitsu @ 4/20/2020 09:23 commented on Big Bird

That is sad, and yeah I've seen a lot of people on other platforms just like Twitter and DeviantArt.
Some do post here once every month kind of to not dissapear.

I'm not that old here, and I remember every challenge used to have at least 20 up to 30 participants back in 2014 when I joined.

Dokitsu @ 4/19/2020 16:55 commented on Big Bird

Is it me or there is much less people at weekly challenges?

I mean, it has been a long time since I used to post "everyday". Now I see, each challenge hasn't even 10 participants. :(

Dokitsu @ 4/19/2020 16:45 commented on Six Fanarts Challenge

Wow, I love Demon Crest's dude and M.Greymon the most.

Good job.

Dokitsu @ 4/19/2020 16:43 commented on Metroid Illustration

Awesome. I would love to have this piece as a huge poster on my room.

Dokitsu @ 4/19/2020 16:43 commented on BOSS

Pretty cool character.


Dokitsu @ 4/15/2020 07:53 commented on Super Banjo-Kazooie RPG (animated)

An awesome animation!

Good job.