Pm10 @ 2/5/2017 06:37 commented on monstergirls_part2

thanks so much !

Pm10 @ 4/23/2015 05:16 commented on ink

Thank you for your crit. I uploaded the newer piece. I prefer this.(The  warm colored skin outlines makes the girl cuter ,I think)

If there are any other points I should fix,please tell me.

And thank you for your compliments.

Pm10 @ 2/10/2015 17:28 commented on oyasumi(only the curtain is left)

Somehow I wasn't able to post my comment.

Thank you for pointing it out.Actually, I know left is the same verb as leave.I wanted to say "It is left behind" or so... (but it might make no sense.)
My mother toungue isn't English. Sometimes I can't use words correctly.English is difficult for me.:(
Do I make a rude reply ?? Even if the answer is yes,I'm not mean to do so.(I have to learn many many things about English,now I learning.Your comment really helps me.)
Sorry for my poor English,and thank you very much!(arigatougozaimasu!)m(_ _)m

Pm10 @ 5/4/2014 09:02 commented on fish's lullaby

Thank you for your comments.
Yeah,I wondered if I should've draw the white outline ,but I want to emphasize the fish as "a fish".So I add this jaggy white line...however,now I can't say what I did is a good idea :(
About antialiasing ,I'll strive to smooth lines more.
Sorry for my poor English.I'm glad to hear your comments, I can learn many things!

Pm10 @ 12/30/2013 06:47 commented on fir tree

I am worried about the colors in this piece,so I'm glad to hear your impressions.Thank you so much!

Pm10 @ 12/14/2013 04:25 commented on little fighter

Thanks a lot !