NeoBerserker @ 9/8/2021 07:03 commented on workshop

That is too much praise haha, Thank you Fleja!

NeoBerserker @ 12/7/2014 18:09 commented on Final Fantasy 6 esper encounter

Thnx guys 

NeoBerserker @ 12/1/2014 06:59 commented on Mutant me

Welp that was silly of me, thanks for letting me know atpalicis.

NeoBerserker @ 10/18/2014 07:16 commented on Pumpkrow

Thanks, I guess practice does help!... eventually. 

NeoBerserker @ 10/13/2014 08:23 commented on Big Bird

Thanks Den and jal, it's almost been a year since I joined here so I supose that is a good thing to put in perspective as well.

NeoBerserker @ 10/13/2014 08:07 commented on Big Bird

a thing I made got into the weekly showcase, I feel like I made it 

NeoBerserker @ 10/11/2014 15:26 commented on Steampunk girl

Yeahh, it took a while but I guess that's how it goes, hoping to get faster as I work on more animated things.

NeoBerserker @ 9/19/2014 14:42 commented on Dragon

Thanks everyone :)

NeoBerserker @ 8/17/2014 23:26 commented on party

gracias :).

NeoBerserker @ 8/17/2014 23:25 commented on Arbol

Thanks for the comments and for pointing out the perspective issues everybody.

Yours a good critic Marina, Bark and Muffin, I'll see now that I have some free time If I can edit the tree and fix some of its problems.

@AJ, you're pretty good as well dude, you are overestimating me xD.

@Ubisavis, thank ya.

NeoBerserker @ 8/15/2014 22:09 commented on Arbol

@caca, yep, hehe.

@FlyGuy, thankya and now that you mention it I think you are right about the blue leaves, I added a few more although they might still feel out of place.

NeoBerserker @ 5/10/2014 21:03 commented on Big Bird

I'm excited.

NeoBerserker @ 5/5/2014 08:55 commented on Mega Mega Man X

Neat idea. I like how you reuse the colors so efficiently.

NeoBerserker @ 5/5/2014 08:43 commented on mustacheman

Nice style man, I'm digging the colors.

NeoBerserker @ 5/5/2014 08:36 commented on The New Bomber

I like this.

NeoBerserker @ 5/5/2014 08:12 commented on Derpman

Hahaha, very cool.

NeoBerserker @ 5/4/2014 13:46 commented on Rokkuman

Indeed lots of good entries, voting is gonna be difficult for this one :).

NeoBerserker @ 2/12/2014 16:15 commented on Abnormal Angel Sighting

So dreamy, i love it.

NeoBerserker @ 2/12/2014 14:03 commented on Bionic

NeoBerserker @ 2/12/2014 08:33 commented on Ninja

Thanks :)

NeoBerserker @ 2/7/2014 15:40 commented on Nature Chilling

Nice,  is that cloud at the top right intended to have the shape of a finger :P?

NeoBerserker @ 1/15/2014 15:05 commented on Undead Alchemist

Thanks Zizka, will do :). Changed the preview there and added the edited version. I hope it's better.

NeoBerserker @ 1/14/2014 19:07 commented on Undead Alchemist

Thanks for the responses everyone, glad to see many liked it :).

I made an edit taking in account some of what you said Manupix,, i just changed the black outline for the hands and tried to lit up the table thing. I wonder if it looks better in the edit.

Also the preview shows this piece really early on, mhm maybe it doesn't look very appealing so i might change it.

NeoBerserker @ 1/14/2014 15:55 commented on Undead Alchemist


NeoBerserker @ 1/9/2014 10:10 commented on Vash the Stampede

He looks like a badass but the perspective of the pistol looks odd to me.