Carnivac @ 11/2/2019 15:23 commented on Yaguara

i thought same thing when i saw the preview.  Like woah, Cheetahmen with good graphics?  aw, nope.

Carnivac @ 10/8/2019 03:19 commented on Fighter Series - 16-bit version

Very cool.  (also wondering who the model is on the website with the full images)

Carnivac @ 4/22/2019 01:17 commented on Almodóvar castel

Really nice. Love the bold colours too

Carnivac @ 3/15/2019 07:36 commented on Big Bird

Carnivac @ 3/15/2019 07:34 commented on Big Bird

I think Twitter's changed how it handles PNGs.  I uploaded a png file that hasn't had any transparent pixels added and it was kept completely intact as a clear PNG rather than getting auto-converted into a blurry JPG.  If anyone else can try it out and confirm that would be nice. :)

Carnivac @ 7/17/2018 00:20 commented on worldcup2018

i don't even like football so i don't know who these folk are but it's so well pixelled i can't help but examine each and every one of them and admire the skill here. :)

Carnivac @ 5/28/2018 01:55 commented on Wrestling mock up


Looks great.  Are they inspired by the Hardy boys?  Left one certainly has Broken/Woken Matt's beard and skunk streak hair and the right clearly has Jeff's style going on.

Carnivac @ 3/23/2018 01:20 commented on After humans..

Very nice.  Reminds me of outdoor areas in The Last of Us but in expert 2D pixels rather than expert 3D modelling.


Carnivac @ 12/14/2017 00:44 commented on Flashback - after the crash

i wish the game had looked more like this.  Though i kept staring at this for too long thinking he was gonna get up. :P


Carnivac @ 11/24/2017 07:22 commented on Tardis Day

Very cool  (my fave Doctors be 11, 12, 3 and 5 and very keen to see what 13 is like).  Love how the faces are like half super realistic, half caricature.  :)

Also I like how you have 1 and 13 next to each other in front of the TARDIS so in the preview it's the original and the newest ones shown. :)



Carnivac @ 11/23/2017 05:49 commented on Bond, James Bond



Carnivac @ 11/18/2017 02:29 commented on Big Bird

i literally just went "mono..doh!" when i saw skeddles saying monoramp making me sing the word like i'm oh so clever and glanced down at jinn's simpsons pic..


Carnivac @ 11/16/2017 10:13 commented on Blanka [Study]

This looks great.  I always hated his Alpha sprite particularly the face.  This looks way better.


Carnivac @ 11/16/2017 10:12 commented on Chun Li [Study]

This is really nice.  And has a good freshness about it.   I may actually prefer it to the real Capcom sprites.


Carnivac @ 11/13/2017 07:11 commented on The Mummy Demastered

I havent heard of the other two but I only bought Axiom Verge when it was in a half-price sale AND crossbuy with the then just released Vita version too.  I should put it back into my game rotation cos i didn't get far in it yet but I happily bought Mummy Remastered for full price and just on PS4 and completed it within the week cos i was playing it so much so yeah.  Guess that shows which of the two good games I preferred. :P  You've become one of the greatest pixel artists of this era easily.

Carnivac @ 11/4/2017 05:42 commented on The Mummy Demastered

Awesome to see so much of what you've done for that gorgeous game.  I usually find the £15.99 a lil much for many indie games (as I find £50 way too much for a lot of AAA games) and even though this one was relatively short, to me it felt totally worth my money just for the sheer enjoyment of the gameplay and the beautiful pixel work I would often pause and examine.  So glad that such high quality pixel art still features in games in this age. :)

Carnivac @ 10/28/2017 10:01 commented on Challenge Font : The Jalonso Font!?

damn that's an oooollld post of mine you replied to. :O

Carnivac @ 10/2/2017 06:17 commented on Roland On The Ropes

Thank you.  It's so very old now though.  2005?  :O

Carnivac @ 6/21/2017 07:50 commented on Illusion of Gaia

Awesome work and I love that game. 

Carnivac @ 6/18/2017 09:21 commented on Big Bird

It's hot here in the UK and I hate it.  Especially yesterday when I was doing two performances of a stage show where I was wearing a thick military uniform under already hot stage lighting.   I like cold...

Carnivac @ 6/4/2017 11:13 commented on Cartoon Ape

Thanks. Can't believe this is still getting nice comments 12 years later. :P

Carnivac @ 5/30/2017 09:17 commented on Big Bird

what kinda miserable fool complained about the stars?  I like them.  Bring them back.



Carnivac @ 5/29/2017 08:14 commented on Big Bird

I still visit from time to time even if I don't submit stuff or participate in challenges much anymore. :)



Carnivac @ 5/29/2017 02:31 commented on Big Bird

oh and the smiley star rating buttons are nice too. Adds a lil more character to the site. :)



Carnivac @ 5/29/2017 02:29 commented on Big Bird

I just installed fixeljoint on my firefox just cos i didn't know what it was and it's neat.  only thing i turned off so far was that home page previews slider thingy as i prefer PJ's home page having the three seperate preview sections so something may catch my eye i hadn't seen before without needing to always click through the sliders a couple times everytime i come here.  Other than that there's some real neat improvements.  Faving without leaving the pixel page is something i had been wanting. Thanks! :)