Pepperwheel @ 12/23/2013 01:37 commented on RPG Nymph

So awesome! Thanks!

Pepperwheel @ 11/24/2013 18:46 commented on popcorn run

 I love this! It's very charming :) Great choice of colours.

Pepperwheel @ 11/18/2013 04:45 commented on Someday Eggs Will Rule..

 @Gecimen - Ah, I see; oh well, it can't be helped :) Onwards to the next challenge!

@Manupix - Looking at it again... I think I see your point... As I was working on them I reasoned that differences in pose and expression would not indicate a complete difference in character. I had wanted to give off the impression that he got more pissed off the smaller he got, but it doesn't seem to have come across right T_T Something to keep in mind for next time :) Thanks for the crit!

Pepperwheel @ 11/18/2013 00:15 commented on Someday Eggs Will Rule..

Ah, I don't get it; I must have done something wrong. I submitted my challenge entry over eight hours ago (and ticked the check box for the weekly), and yet not only has it just been approved now (after the deadline), but it's not showing up in the voting area... Could I have missed something? This is my first time submitting anything to the gallery so it's possible that I did :(

Pepperwheel @ 11/18/2013 00:11 commented on Random Chica

Edit: apologies, I posted my comment to the wrong place! Corrected now, please ignore this :)