Janiskeisari @ 1/22/2015 02:50 commented on TANK!

Great colors and even better animation at the tracks (if that is the word?).

Though I think it would be even better to have some movement in other places too. Like some vibration in the tank itself or sub-pixel stuff to make it really seem it is moving forward instead of just turning it's tracks.

Janiskeisari @ 1/12/2015 01:44 commented on The Cliff / PANTONE 16 Challenge

Nice colours and animation, but definitely too much dithering. I would drop it at least in the dark parts of the rocks and maybe in the largest sea clusters. The clouds look really nice!

Janiskeisari @ 12/26/2014 14:17 commented on Moonlight Magic

I really like her hair and skin, nice colours and shading. Her feet and bosom however seem a bit odd, though I'm not the guy to say how to make them look better.
Is the card frame done by you too? I really like it too, though it would be nice to mention clearer what reference was used.

Janiskeisari @ 12/23/2014 14:11 commented on Lulu

Seems  pretty awesome, I will be sure to contribute. As a beginner artist, I've been struggling to find good in-depth tutorials.

Janiskeisari @ 12/1/2014 09:26 commented on Elizabeth - again

Oh, you're right about the spots, I'll fix it right away.

Janiskeisari @ 6/4/2014 12:47 commented on Trundle & Teemo

Well I'm grateful for all feedback I can get, since I don't have much experience with pixel art (or any kind of art for that matter), and I can see what you mean. These are things I can take account of for new pieces, and improve my skills :)